The Undertaker Answered John Cena's Challenge at WrestleMania 34

Tuesday, 10 Apr, 2018

The Undertaker started the eventual match in blistering fashion, attacking Cena with punches and working on his arm.

It's possible that John Cena could seek his own revenge any time between now and WrestleMania 35. Because it sounds like The Undertaker has found his way to New Orleans.

Cena, who's been at the forefront of the WWE for what feels like forever now, isn't actually booked to perform on this year's Wrestlemania card. He was provoked and inviting by Cena for a match.

This is Undertaker's 24th win at WrestleMania in his illustrious career.

However, just after the WWE SmackDown Line Women's Championship an official said something to Cena which made him run inside.

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Undertaker returns to WrestleMania, defeats John Cena

Elias performed a song in the ring, but Cena cut him off and delivered an Attitude Adjustment on Elias.

We all knew the 16-time world champion wouldn't stay in his seat for long, though, and it was always only going to be a matter of time before he came face-to-face with the man he has repeatedly called out in recent weeks, The Undertaker. Lightning comes down and the lights go out again, and when the lights come up they are gone. However, Elias came out.

He then made his trademark slow walk to the ring before making quick work of Cena - a chokeslam and one tombstone piledriver putting him away and giving the Demon of Death Valley one more Wrestlemania moment.

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The Undertaker answered John Cena's challenge when he showed up, took off his hat and jacket, and The Deadman went right into action without ever saying a word.