Why Florida's Senate Race Could Become the Most Expensive in History

Thursday, 12 Apr, 2018

Nelson is one of 10 Democratic senators seeking re-election in states Trump won in 2016, and Republicans have repeatedly bested Democrats in most statewide Florida midterm races since 2006 - though Nelson's win was one of two Democratic victories that year. Nelson's also the only Democrat in Florida now in statewide office, although that could change in this midterm environment.

In scripted remarks made available ahead of his announcement in Orlando, Scott called Washington "horribly dysfunctional". "We're not going to see a change in Washington if we don't have term limits on Congress". The contest among Mr. Nelson and Mr. Scott alone is expected to cost a lot more than $100 million as well as perhaps as much as $150 million, mostly to buy television advertisements over Flo-Rida's10 broadcast networking markets.

According to his website, Gov. Scott says he is focused on creating jobs and turning Florida's economy around and cares about faith, family and community. It's about whether Rick Scott can go be a consensus builder for the state of Florida, which Sen. "I believe in jobs". The report confirmed months of speculation over Scott's prospective candidacy. Republicans on Monday began running digital ads against Nelson for voting against the tax reform bill. "We can change Washington, we must change Washington, we will change Washington together".

The approach made Scott one of the most unpopular governors in the nation, but that has changed in recent years as Scott has moderated his tone and his policy proposals - he backed Medicaid expansion at one point and has pushed for more environmental spending - while making outreach efforts to a broader spectrum of voters, particularly Hispanics.

Mr. Scott's political standing has been on the rise following his own handling of last year's hurricane and this year's school shooting.

Democrats have been anticipating Scott's move and have ramped up criticism, noting that he was forced out as chief executive of Columbia/HCA amid a federal fraud investigation.

Scott, who oversaw one of the largest healthcare fraud settlements in United States history as CEO of a hospital chain, is a multimillionaire who has self-funded his past campaigns.

Gov. Scott and First Lady Ann Scott issued this statement early Monday afternoon. The Republicans said Scott is expected to be in Washington on April 19.

Democratic political strategist Steve Schale predicted the race would be close and that Trump's popularity could play a role. Governor Scott has an A+ rating from the National Rifle Association, and while Florida's response to the Parkland tragedy this February was criticized by the NRA it is a near certainty that the association will be in Scott's corner for both voting and financial support.

One emerging complication for Scott is his relationship with Sen. "We do that in this state".

She said Scott "is going to get his tail whipped".