Missing Commonwealth Games athletes to be deported from Australia, says minister

Friday, 13 Apr, 2018

Australia's oldest Commonwealth Games athlete, lawn bowler Ken Hanson, has lived up to his Bandit nickname, dramatically stealing a gold medal in the triples opens with a disability.

The developments came a day after Cameroon revealed eight of its 42-strong Games team are missing, including two boxers who failed to appear for their bouts.

It takes the total number of missing athletes up to 11, after the Cameroonian team lost a third of its members in the first week on the Gold Coast.

Mr Sharpe wouldn't identify the athletes involved but said the program had been established to prevent clean athletes being denied the opportunity to take part in the Games.

Nsengiyumva has joined the list of athletes and nations that have gracefully tarnished the name of Rwanda and Africa at large.They include; eight Cameroon athletes, two Ugandans and potentially one Ghanaian.

Officials fear the athletes won't be coming back and what's left of the Cameroon team flew home on Wednesday evening to prevent any more escapes.

Press attache Simon Molombe said officials viewed the vanishing act as "desertion" and that the missing athletes had been reported to Australian police.

"But this is obviously an issue that Team Cameroon is monitoring very, very closely".

Officials said the athletes left in "three waves".

One member of Rwanda's delegation at the on-going Commonwealth Games now underway in Australia has gone missing.

"But when you get to know your teammates as well as we have known each other, I had every faith that Kenny was going to play a couple of rippers which he did".

The Cameroon team at the opening ceremony.

The Roses will now face the runner-up from Pool A, Jamaica, who were beaten by hosts and defending champions Australia in the final match of the group stages.

"I think it is also important to remember that these athletes are guests here in Australia and are still within their visas and have the right to travel freely".