Trump Lawyer Has Been Under Criminal Probe for Months, Prosecutors Say

Saturday, 14 Apr, 2018

Allies of President Donald Trump are reportedly anxious that Federal Bureau of Investigation agents seized taped conversations made by the president's personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, in raids of his office, home and hotel room on Monday.

Trump denies the affair and knowledge of the payment at the time, which Cohen has backed up and said did not constitute an unreported donation to the Trump campaign.

The confirmation was in a response by the USA attorney's office for the Southern District of NY to Cohen's motion seeking to prevent prosecutors from reviewing some evidence obtained on Monday by the Federal Bureau of Investigation in raids of his hotel room and office.

"What they are trying to do is use attorney-client privilege as a sword to challenge the government's ability to review evidence" obtained lawfully, McKay added.

US Attorney Robert Khuzami, in a motion filed with a US District Court judge in NY, redacted the alleged criminal conduct for which Cohen is being investigated.

Federal investigators in NY are looking into years' worth of Cohen's business dealings, as well as lawyering he did for Trump as his longtime personal attorney, fixer, and confidant.

What do Trump and Cohen do now? If the meeting occurred, it could undercut President Trump's repeated claim that there was "no collusion" between his campaign and Russian Federation.

Daniels has publicly stated the payment was hush money to insure her silence about a 2006 affair with Trump.

The attorney's Midtown office and a Park Ave. hotel room where Cohen was staying were both targeted by Federal Bureau of Investigation agents with warrants.

"Forty-six per cent of likely US voters still consider Muller's investigation an honest attempt to determine criminal wrongdoing, down six points from 52 per cent in October, " the release said.

Counsel for the Trump Organization told the prosecutors that it considers "each and every communication by, between or amongst" Cohen, the organization and its employees to be protected by attorney-client privilege.

In fact, the U.S. Attorney goes on to argue that very little of the material they took from Cohen is likely to be covered by attorney-client privilege.

Hendon, who said Trump hired her on Wednesday evening, urged Wood not to decide who gets first shot to review seized documents until after she files a brief by Sunday night. The judge requested that Cohen be present in court on Monday.

A lawyer for President Trump argued Friday for a delay in reviewing the potential evidence seized during Federal Bureau of Investigation raids targeting his personal attorney earlier this week.

President Donald Trump's circle is reportedly more concerned about the ongoing case involving his lawyer, Michael Cohen, than it is about the special counsel investigation into his campaign.

Searching a law office is one of the most sensitive - and most heavily reviewed - activities the Justice Department conducts.

When asked on Friday whether Cohen was still Trump's personal attorney, press secretary Sarah Sanders said she wasn't sure.