California governor says state's border troops won't enforce immigration

Wednesday, 18 Apr, 2018

Jerry Brown agreed Wednesday, April 11, 2018, to deploy 400 National Guard troops at President Donald Trump's request, but not all will head to the U.S. -Mexico border as Trump wants and none will enforce federal immigration enforcement.

Gov. Brown, who has shown blatant contempt to President Trump, needs federal funding for a myriad of social and welfare programs, but also needs federal funding to help with flood and wildfire cleanup.

Homeland Security Department spokesman Tyler Houlton said the federal government was committed to working with Brown and that the California leader shares interest in a secure border with Mexico. The troops in California are under the command of Gov.

Nearly immediately, former Senate President pro Tem Kevin de León (D-Los Angeles) sent a letter to Governor Brown urging him to ignore President Trump's request.

U.S. media reported on Monday that the Trump administration had rejected Brown's terms for the deployment of his National Guard members.

It's unclear. Even the Associated Press reported that California told officials that it wouldn't permit its own troops present & ldquo or to fix and mend vehicles and function surveillance detectors to document suspicious activity, function radios;mission support. Robert Salesses, the Defense Department's deputy assistant secretary for homeland defense integration, said the initial phase had called for 237 California troops. Brown last week characterized his decision to contribute troops as a welcome infusion of federally-funded support to fight transnational criminal gangs and drug and firearms smugglers. Ferguson said "the next step is still for the federal government to sign the agreement so Guard personnel can get to work".

Vice Chief of the National Guard Bureau Lt.

Trump's plans included sending 2,000 to 4,000 National Guard members to the border citing "the lawlessness that continues at our southern border". "The high crime rate will only get higher", Mr. Trump warned.

Trump has frequently clashed with Brown over the state's "sanctuary" policies limiting the participation of state and local police in federal immigration enforcement.

"Thank you Jerry, good move for the safety of our Country!" the Trump wrote on Thursday.

Vitiello reiterated that no troops would be assigned to specifically arrest immigrants or do any kind of law enforcement work.

"But let's be crystal clear on the scope of this mission".

At a news conference in response, Brown said it was unprecedented for an attorney general to "act more like Fox News than a law enforcement officer" and angrily accused the administration of "basically going to war against the state of California, the engine of the American economy".

He said the California Air Resources Board is open to altering the rules to give automakers some "flexibility" to meet the standards, but that California is not about to back away from them, and will sue the federal government if necessary.

Trump first made the request to border states about two weeks ago.

So far there are about 900 troops involved - 250 in Arizona, 650 in Texas and 60 in New Mexico.