Burnaby mayor and council chime in on pipeline squabble with Alberta

Thursday, 19 Apr, 2018

That said, 69 per cent of British Columbians - including one-third who now oppose the project - say a court ruling that the provincial government does not have the constitutional authority to block the project would be enough to give in and allow the pipeline to be twinned.

The Alberta government introduced legislation that would allow for the restriction of oil, gasoline and natural gas leaving that province, which could cause fuel prices in B.C.to jump.

A new poll shows that Canadian support for Kinder Morgan's Trans Mountain pipeline is growing, but British Columbians are deeply divided over the project's benefits and risks. Its owner, Kinder Morgan Canada, has sought assurances by the end of May that legal and other roadblocks to twinning the pipeline are removed, suspending non-essential spending on the $7 billion project until then.

"We had a discussion about options; the federal government laid out their plans over the next number of days. and we had a discussion about what role British Columbia could continue to play to protecting and defending our coast". Kinder Morgan has marked May 31 as the date they will decide whether they will move forward with the Trans Mountain pipeline or pull the plug on the project.

Kinder Morgan Canada (TSE:KML) was downgraded by equities research analysts at TD Securities from a "buy" rating to a "hold" rating in a research note issued to investors on Tuesday, April 10th.

Under the country's constitution, the federal government has the final say over national projects that cut across multiple provinces.

Following a series of delays, Kinder Morgan said earlier this month it was halting most work on the project.

Trudeau, Notley and Horgan met Sunday in Ottawa to discuss the pipeline, but remain deadlocked.

"I don't think anything about the context, but this type of protest is narcissistic", said bypasser Ares Nikolle, who was not aware of the Trans Mountain pipeline debate.

On the contrary, the foreclosing of alternative avenues to fight the project could translate into more pipeline opponents turning to the streets and civil disobedience.

While B.C.is not explicitly identified, Bill 12 could be used as retaliation for our neighbour's continued obstruction of the Trans Mountain expansion. The refinery accounts for a quarter of B.C.'s transportation fuel and "substantially all of the crude oil" it sources comes from Alberta via Trans Mountain.

Although Trudeau's Liberal government could invoke emergency powers to ensure the project goes ahead, that would most likely anger voters in B.C. and cost the Liberals support in a federal election in October 2019.

But Horgan is not backing down, insisting that "the federal process failed to consider B.C.'s interests and the risk to our province".

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, who also attended the talks in Ottawa, said she was convinced the expansion would be built if the financial assistance deal could be worked out.

He says the details of action and the question or questions it will ask the court to determine are still being worked out by the New Democrat government. It was never compatible with our Paris climate commitments, never mind our promise to implement the United Nations Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples.