Boston Stores announces going out of business sales

Saturday, 21 Apr, 2018

The Bon-Ton store in Camillus is the department store chain's last remaining store in Onondaga County.

About 20,000 employees nationally will be affected by more than 200 store closings. “I believe that this is an anomaly because everywhere else we are looking in every community in the Flathead Valley everything is going great.”.

Siebel said she started shopping at Younkers when the Crossroad JC Penney closed in 2015.

"There's a personal cost when something like this happens", Black said. "We have wonderful new developments in the pipeline coming to Peru, long-standing Peru stores that are doing very well, and our seemingly endless retail giant, Peru Mall, which needs to be nourished and reborn". It moved locations inside the mall in 1986, taking the former Montgomery Ward spot and adding space and employees. It has been an anchor store for Brookfield Square Mall since the mall opened in 1967.

The firm announced late Wednesday that a federal bankruptcy court in DE approved the sale of the firm's inventory and "substantially all" of the company's assets.

"Herberger's is profitable; as a company they're profitable", Snitker said.

Bon-Ton has 10 other stores in Wisconsin.

The Bon-Ton Store, Inc. has four stores in South Dakota including Herberger's in Rapid City, Aberdeen and Watertown and Yonkers in Sioux Falls.

Stores affected by the company's liquidation include Bon-Ton, Boston Store, Carson's, Elder-Beerman, Herberger's and Younkers.

Younkers traces its roots back to 1856. It was purchased by Equitable of Iowa in 1979 and then Proffitt's in 1995, which made it a division of Saks Fifth Avenue.

According to a press release on Bon-Ton's investor relations page, court approval of the sale will take place Wednesday. While Amazon is thriving, and has even expanded into physical stores, some brick-and-mortar giants are struggling. Its headquarters are in York, Pa., and Milwaukee. "Essentially liquidators have an open field".

As she was entering the store, Liz White, of Loda, said she'd be disappointed to see it close.

Bon-Ton had already announced in January that that store would be closing, along with more than 40 others.