Students voice opinions during school walkout over gun violence

Sunday, 22 Apr, 2018

Students walked out of school and marched the streets of Fresno Friday in honor of National School Walkout Day.

The Parkland students have spearheaded a grassroots campaign for gun control which included another school walkout on March 14 and nationwide rallies by hundreds of thousands of Americans on March 24.

"That's sad to me that I'm not surprised", Baxter said.

Friday's gathering was "not encouraged, but not prohibited", as long as students conducted themselves in a respectful manner, Breitung Township Schools Superintendent Craig Allen said.

At 1:30 p.m., students started walking out the front door of Lathrop High School. The website on the walkout said the event was a call for students to demonstrate, because there "has been too much complacency on the part of politicians when it comes to gun violence".

Kids came pouring out of Tuscaloosa's Central High School around 10 o'clock Friday morning in hopes to spread a message.

Incidentally, reports pointed out that most of the students participating in Friday's walkouts were not even born when students shot a dozen people to death inside Columbine High School in Colorado, an atrocity that sparked a national debate over guns exactly 19 years ago.

"I'm scared to think that my life could end in one second because of a gun", said Amanda Demelo, a Skyline High School sophomore.

Student organizer Jordan Harb criticized the armed protesters as students ate pizza on the Senate lawn and prepared for orchestrated "die-ins" at the Capitol.

It's time to hold legislators accountable for their inaction and call for them to make changes to stop gun violence, Wiltzius said. Congress has shown little inclination to tighten gun laws, and President Donald Trump backed away from his initial support for raising the minimum age to buy some guns.

Harb said the students want Republican Gov. Doug Ducey to enact gun violence legislation and include them in negotiations on school safety proposals.

For the remainder of the afternoon, students had lunch, registered to vote, and had the opportunity to make speeches to their classmates, before being dismissed from school as usual. And we just kind of thought well this is a national walkout and we want to participate. Students took the stage to issue an ultimatum to their lawmakers.

Authorities say one student shot another in the ankle at Forest High School in Ocala early Friday.

"There's been over 45 school shootings this year alone", Kaihinjik Alexander, Lathrop High School.

"A lot of times our voice is not heard, and so I think just getting our bodies here to say we are here, we are part of this conversation, you can not shut us out [is important]", said Alejandro Eduarte, a junior at Edison Senior High School in Minneapolis.

"We're just out here trying to make a difference".

"We didn't expect to come into the building talking to Superintendent. So it's good to be out here showing what we believe in and making sure students have the information they need to vote". What we are doing is being heard.