'Westworld' Cast Reveals They Are Confused by Show's Timeline Too

Monday, 23 Apr, 2018

She not only demands for certain of her personality characteristics to be changed, she also breaks through this "Matrix" altogether, seemingly joining other "hosts" in a revolt, until she has a change of heart and decides to go look for her daughter instead. She then whispered to Wright, "There were even some days where we showed up on season two and we'd be, 'Hey, hey um, what episode is this?' And you went, 'I don't know.' Or we'd go, 'It's seven no it's three no it's seven, ' and the person would go like, 'It's one.' And then it ends up being four". The Man in Black was on a mission to uncover the park's darkest secrets.

Finally, to close out the trailer, we see perma-tourist, William/the Man In Black (Ed Harris) doing his thing, you know, standing there spattered in blood and smirking.

How did he get into that position? At the end of the season, he's fully aware of everything and starts to see that Ford may have had a redemptive plan after all. Does this mean she's embracing her new life as "Wyatt"? Unlike Westworld, no storyline has been used to explain its dwindling presence. Will season two maintain the dueling timelines structure of season one?

Well, after spending a series in the environs of Westworld, an immersive theme park based on the Old West and staffed with incredibly realistic robotic "hosts" we learned the awful truth - that park boss Robert Ford (Anthony Hopkins) had been secretly completing the wishes of his deceased partner Arnold and pushing the hosts towards true consciousness.

The puppet show is over, and we are coming for you and the rest of your kind. Did she succeed in smuggling out data?

On the human side, Delos Inc. enforcer Karl Strand (series newcomer Gustaf Skarsgård) arrives to tamp down the host rebellion, as executive Charlotte Hale (Tessa Thompson) alludes to ulterior Delos motives as she tries to retake park control.

Was that part of her mission from the shareholders, or was she engaged in some corporate espionage? He comes across the young boy host (young Ford), who tells him he'll be playing a new game soon and that it will find him. In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, Nolan and Joy confirmed we will see this new theme park, which is modeled after the Edo period in Japan, around 1603-1867.

Evan Rachel Wood as Delores
Evan Rachel Wood as Delores

How conscious are Delores and Maeve? "I want the full musical!" she teased.

Where will Bernard's loyalties lie?

"What is real?", she asks.

The 30-year-old remembers only too well being approached by Tina Fey for her comedy adaptation of Rosalind Wiseman's "Queen Bees and Wannabes", but given that she had already signed on for a similar role at the time, she decided against it. Well, it was. But it was also a metaphor for the hosts' path to earning consciousness and sentience - and Dolores achieved both.

This season is supposed to be much bigger than the first, and we know that Shogun World is going to be involved.

No show likes to keep you on your toes quite like Westworld.

We've barely begun to scratch the surface of this wonderful universe of storytelling possibilities, with only one world uncovered.