Waffle House shooting suspect asks for lawyer as he's arrested

Wednesday, 25 Apr, 2018

Travis Reinking, the suspect in a Waffle House shooting in Nashville, is under arrest by Metro Nashville Police Department in a wooded area in Antioch, Tennessee, April 23, 2018.

Lancelot said he was initially angry when he found out about his cousin's death and heard about the suspected gunman Travis Reinking's criminal past.

After that episode, authorities in IL revoked his gun license and confiscated four firearms, including what police said was the rifle used in the Waffle House shooting. Drawing on courage, instinct and the realization that if he didn't do something - now - he and others would die, James Shaw Jr. moved quickly and decisively. But Nashville police chief Steve Anderson said Reinking came into the restaurant with a "lot of firepower", carrying four weapons. Four people - three black and one Hispanic - were killed and four others injured before a customer wrestled the weapon away and Reinking, who is white, ran out, police said.

Sunday's massacre was the latest in a series of mass shootings in the United States in which a gunman used an AR-15 style rifle.

Police stated Reinking had a backpack with him on the time of his arrest, and in it was a loaded semi-automatic gun, .45-caliber ammunition, a flashlight and a holster.

Nashville Police Department Lt. Carlos Lara told reporters Reinking was arrested Monday after detectives were tipped to the suspect's presence by some construction workers. The co-worker also told a detective the man was infatuated with Taylor Swift and claimed to be a sovereign citizen.

In the police report, Hopper and Reinking's parents warned police that he had access to firearms at his residence.

He was apprehended on Monday afternoon after legislation enforcement acquired a tip.

Yashar Ali, a journalist based in NY, was inspired to start the fundraiser not only due to Shaw's heroism, but also because of his actions after the shooting.

A Nashville judge has revoked the bond of a man accused of killing four people at a Waffle House restaurant.

An earlier $2 million bail was revoked Tuesday, and he awaits his first court appearance on Wednesday. Police say he opened fire outside the restaurant with an AR-15 rifle and then stormed the restaurant, wearing only a green jacket.

A representative of Swift did not return a message seeking comment, nor did the public defender appointed to represent Reinking, who has not entered a plea.

The Illinois legislature is also working on a separate bill to permit families of troubled individuals who are a danger to themselves or others to have guns removed temporarily from that person's home.

Police say Travis Reinking had stolen a BMW from a Nashville area vehicle dealer last week.

"According to news reports, James has a 4-year-old daughter". But he said deputies returned the guns to Reinking's father on the promise he would "keep the weapons secure and out of the possession of Travis". But it left troubling questions about his behavior before the shooting unanswered.

He said the job of his officers was to protect the community from Reinking and also protect him from the community as "tensions are high".