Terrorist Documented Sabotaging Camera on Gaza Border

Monday, 30 Apr, 2018

The Gaza health ministry said 200 were wounded by gun fire, including a Palestinian journalist who was hit in the foot by a bullet.

The Israeli air force conducted airstrikes on six naval objects of Hamas in the Gaza strip. We are not being asked to choose between Palestinians and Israelis or between Muslims and Jews.

Addressing the ongoing protests and rioting crisis on the Gaza border, Construction and Housing Minister Yoav Galant said on Sunday that Hamas "is in trouble".

The Palestinian U.N. ambassador is challenging Israel to agree to an independent commission to investigate events in Gaza and determine "who are the criminals, who are violating worldwide law and to hold them responsible for these crimes". So far, IDF sharpshooters have killed 42 people, including one at today's march and three children. They were detained, shortly after they made it across the border.

The Israeli military has also reported an uptick in attempts to breach and damage the border fence during the "Great March of Return" protests that have taken place every Friday for the last fives weeks along the Gaza-Israel border. Khader Habib of Islamic Jihad, a Hamas political ally, accused Abbas of "holding the PNC meeting to stress his exclusion of all those who oppose him".

Israel's use of live fire has drawn global criticism. It said troops "had operated in accordance with the rules of engagement" to stop people crossing the border. Al-Bozom said the same PA officers also attempted to kill Hamas's head of security Tawfeeq Abu Naeem in October in Gaza. In other scenes, a small group lobs stones at an Israeli military vehicle on the other side of the fence.

A Palestinian demonstrator burns tires near the fence on the border between the besieged Gaza Strip and occupied territories, east of Gaza City in the central Gaza Strip, during the fifth straight Friday of mass demonstrations and clashes on April 27, 2018.

The video shows the Arab leaning against the barbed wire fence and trying to bend and break an IDF camera installed there, until he finally breaks the poll to which the camera is attached.

"Investigations revealed that the cell planned to target leaders of Hamas, global figures, and the Egyptian delegation", he added.