Watch Fox News's Bret Baier Nail James Comey On Live TV

Monday, 30 Apr, 2018

Rep. Trey Gowdy didn't hold back when discussing James Comey's recent book tour this week; saying the former Federal Bureau of Investigation boss's definition of a "leak" is "what the rest of us call a felony".

Comey had a long history of working in the Justice Department.

Newly recovered text messages exchanged by anti-Trump FBI officials Peter Strzok and Lisa Page reveal their shock and frustration in the wake of James Comey's May 2017 firing, as they privately fumed over the news and scrambled to react.

"He wrote a lot of phony stuff", Trump said.

Baier pushed Comey on why he would continue to work for President Trump, a man he has called morally unfit and unworthy of the Oval Office.

"The president had a great time bringing his case directly to the American people", Conway said.

Trump made the same claim a second time, telling Comey in a later Oval Office meeting "that he hadn't stayed overnight in Russian Federation during the Miss Universe trip", as Comey wrote.

Noah likened Trump's call-in to a grandfather calling his grandchildren to tell them the same story over and over again, despite the grandchildren trying to get him off the phone.

"He said I didn't stay there a night", Trump told Fox & Friends.

Rove is reviled by many Trump loyalists as a squishy, Bush-ite establishment type these days; I know him a bit and think that's an unfair caricature, but it's how a large segment of the GOP base now thinks.

As CBS News' Andres Triay previously reported, Strzok was involved in the letter sent from then-FBI Director James Comey to members of Congress on October 28, 2016, after additional Clinton emails were discovered on the laptop belonging to Anthony Weiner.

Previously, Trump had denied any knowledge of any dealings Cohen might have had with Daniels, including the $130,000 payment.

In attacking the DOJ and its failure to prosecute Comey, among others, Trump said the department is one "I try to stay away from, but at some point, I won't".

He added: 'But I never saw any bias, any reflection of any kind of animus towards anybody'. She said Mr. Fitzgerald misled her and withheld exculpatory evidence that would have kept her from "unwittingly giving false testimony". He illegally leaked CLASSIFIED INFORMATION but doesn't understand what he did or how serious it is.

Comey has denied the charge.

"His definition of a leak is to disseminate classified information". The dossier contains unverified allegations about an apparent episode involving Trump and prostitutes in a Ritz-Carlton hotel room. It was also during that time that members of the Obama administration were unmasking members of the Trump campaign in electronic and telephonic communications.

Trump has not committed to sitting for an interview with Mueller's investigators.

The president isn't the only one who's been busy.