Labour Day being observed in Pakistan

Wednesday, 02 May, 2018

Labour Day, also called May Day, is celebrated on May 1 and pays tribute and respect to workers. But its labor-oriented turn can be traced back to Chicago on May 1, 1886, when about 200,000 workers orchestrated a nationwide strike for an eight-hour workday, Time reported.

President Xi Jinping has extended greetings to workers nationwide ahead of International Workers' Day, calling for hard work in the new era. More than 2,000 national-level model workers were named in 2015 from all walks of life.

"Each year, Labor Day gives us an opportunity to recognize the invaluable contributions that working men and women make to our nation, our economy and our collective prosperity. Without it, nothing can be accomplished."? The International Socialist Conference in 1889 declared that May 1 would be an international holiday for labor, Time said. On 4 May, an unidentified person threw a bomb at the police, to which the law enforcement responded by firing on the workers.

Here are some interesting facts about International Workers' Day. The holiday has become internationalized and several countries hold multi-day celebrations including parades, shows and other patriotic and labor-oriented events. At least eight people died as a result of the violence that day.

The other May Day was celebrated on 1 May in the northern hemisphere for centuries to welcome spring. The day marks the victory of workers' movement for eight hours of work.

As the country moves toward another election year, Ambode said it was imperative for the labour movement to see itself as a constructive partner of government in ensuring peace and harmony before, during, and after the conduct of the 2019 general elections. One of the grand reminders of the first labour Day celebration in the country is the labour Statue that stands tall on the Marina Beach in Chennai.

Since then, May 1 has become a time for demonstrations and protests, but also national holidays in countries such as Russian Federation and China. In case of non-listed works, wages should be paid on the basis of bi-party agreement.For domestic loading and unloading works and those related to farming, people can hire workers of their choice.