$3.99 Per Month, Cloud Save, NES Games And Special Offers

Wednesday, 09 May, 2018

At least with those, you get streaming capability for movies and several online channels.

Given that Nintendo has taken to selling its older games in retro packages like the NES Classic Mini and the SNES Mini, this shouldn't be too surprising. Nintendo will be including 20 NES games that are going to have online features, though they can be played offline as well. No further details were given as to how this feature would work.

Launch titles include the 10 classic NES games listed below, with an additional 10 set to be announced at a later date. 3, The Legend of Zelda, Balloon Fight, and Dr. Mario. There will be 20 at launch and more added regularly. Perhaps they will do so during the E3 video presentation?

The news came after Kotaku sent an e-mail to Nintendo in the wake of the online service's full reveal. Most Nintendo Switch games will be stored online for easy access. In a statement to GameSpot, Nintendo said, "There are now no plans to bring classic games together under the Virtual Console banner as has been done on other Nintendo systems".

In addition to online play, the Switch Online membership will also include Save Data Cloud Backup, a much-requested feature that will allow players to save their data online.

Subscribers will have access to NES – Nintendo Switch Online, a compilation of classic NES games.

Nintendo began offering a free trial version for the app for a limited time starting with the release of the Splatoon 2 game last July.

Now let's talk pricing.

Without membership you won't be able to play online anymore (everyone up till now has technically been a free trial) but even the side benefits are steeped in controversy.

The good news is that Nintendo's online service is considerably cheaper than the competition.

Nintendo has finally shared more information about its upcoming Nintendo Switch online subscription platform. One month will cost $3.99 USD, three months costing $7.99 USD, and finally twelve months will be $19.99 USD. Additionally, a family membership (which supports up to eight players) will be able to be purchased for $34.99.

A family plan is available for those with more people wanting to play, even if those people are on different Switch systems. Nintendo says "all members of the group will have access to Nintendo Switch Online".