Google Maps gets personalised recommendation features and a neat Augmented Reality view

Wednesday, 09 May, 2018

In a demo at Google's I/O developer conference today (May 8), Google executives show how a phone's camera can use AR features to augment directions.

"You can also tell us about your food and drink preferences", she said, "so we'll know if you enjoy certain types of cuisines or restaurant types, like family friendly spots or places with live music". Recently, Google has begun automatically adding new businesses, addresses, and places of interest, and giving users information about whether or not their favorite local haunts are open, and how long the wait time might be. And of course, once a decision has been made, you can use Google Maps to secure a reservation and book a ride. Among the things the technology giant first showcased at the event are the new features that are coming to the Google Maps app this year.

Instead of relying on an unclear blue dot while walking around a cluttered city, Google suggests this camera-fueled augmented reality interface may one day save the day.

Google is also trying to make group planning easier by letting you pick, say, one of two places and offering it up to a vote.

Your Match gives users a percentage rating against For You recommendations based on their own personal data and what Google knows about the locations in your area.

Given the amount of visual detail in this reimagined directions feature, it seems like this is being geared toward helping you walk from Point A to Point B. Adding these kind of visual cues to turn-by-turn directions for drivers would boost instances of distracted driving. This feature will basically let you select text from an image, from a recipe, for example, or some paper that you took a picture of. VPS will help Maps to figure out where you are, what direction you're now pointed in and then help you get where you need to go.

Finally, Maps will also make it possible for you to share what you want to do with friends.

There's also a new shortlist feature coming to allow users the ability to offer up multiple locations with their friends.