McCain says he opposes Trump's Central Intelligence Agency nominee

Thursday, 10 May, 2018

Ms Haspel told the Senate intelligence committee that under her leadership the agency would not restart a secret detention and interrogation programme under which suspects were tortured. "The president has asserted that torture works", the California Democrat said.

The biggest question - now that Manchin's on board - is whether Susan Collins will endorse Haspel. The Daily Independent reached out to The White House Wednesday to see if it could get more information on the Ashland connection but there was no response.

In other excerpts, Haspel pledges to work closely with the Senate oversight committee. "My parents gave me a very strong moral compass", she said early on.

President Donald Trump installed Gina Haspel as acting C.I.A. director a little more than a month ago. Someone who has aptly demonstrated her competence and who has won the enthusiastic bi-partisan support from former CIA directors and members of the intelligence community. Rodriguez issued the order without informing then-CIA director Porter Goss ahead of time, Haspel said. Well, sure, that's the least she needed to say.

Ms. Haspel defended himself stating she adopted the opportunity to serve right after the terrorist strikes.

Senators held confirmation hearings on Haspel today, seeking more information from her before deciding whether she's fit for the job.

Haspel testified, "I do not believe the president would ask me to do that", when asked by Republican Sen. And Haspel did say at her hearing that it wouldn't happen again on her watch. On the other hand, Haspel is an experienced woman who has the support of Langley staff and past colleagues. Jon Tester of Montana said Tuesday he'd vote no.

The 61-year-old added that she would not carry out any presidential order she considered immoral.

Majority Leader Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-Kentucky) did not sit in on the hearing, but spoke before it began on the Senate floor.

Haspel, who was introduced Wednesday by former Sens. In 1978, UofL officials say she earned a degree in Communications.

"Senator, I never saw the videos", Haspel replied. "When I picked him up, he passed me the intelligence and I passed him extra money for the men he led".

"It was the beginning of an adventure I had only dreamed of".

Towards the end of the hearing Haspel was asked to describe the risks that Central Intelligence Agency agents face on a daily basis.

Democratic senator Kamala Harris asked Ms Haspel if she believed the previous interrogation techniques were immoral, and demanded a "yes or no" answer. She later returned to the theme: "My parents raised me right".

Haspel's promise to fight any attempt to resurrect the program could put her at odds with Trump, who spoke during the campaign about toughening the US approach to fighting extremists and vowed to authorize waterboarding and a "hell of a lot worse".

Over 100 former ambassadors have voiced their opposition to her nomination.Yet, Haspel has top-notch endorsers of her own.

Senators grilled Haspel and her hearing was disrupted by protesters shouting "Prosecute the torturers!" and "Bloody Gina". The message that will send dictators, the letter said, is that "their behavior is no different from ours".

In 2014, Senate Democrats released a report saying detainees had been tortured, and the techniques were not an effective means of acquiring intelligence. She would be the first woman to helm the agency.

"Like many Americans, I understand the urgency that drove the decision to resort to so-called enhanced interrogation methods after our country was attacked", McCain continued. He cited a provision of an executive order that prohibits information from being classified "in order to hide violations of law, inefficiency or administrative error" or "to prevent embarrassment to a person, organization or agency". "And we can not hope to earn that trust without the accountability that comes with Congressional oversight".