Google Assistant will soon be able to make appointments on your behalf

Friday, 11 May, 2018

With Google Assistant on LG TVs, users need not invest in devices like Google Home or Google Home Mini. This year's conference kicked off just recently in Mountain View, California.

Announcement of Google's Third generation tensor processing unit (TPU). Now you can tap "Assistant voice" and test out Voices 1 through 8.

But in order to tackle this issue, the Google AI team chose to create a new technology, Google Duplex, capable of keeping natural conversations on specific, closed domains, so it can master their nuances and sound more human-like. Although we have covered this niche in detail, here is a brief recap. Companies like Baidu and Microsoft are working on similar forms of conversational AI that can mimic voices or add human effects like pauses or saying "hm" or "uh". Machine learning is extensively being used to learn from user behavior and drive the smartphone processes. Google, for its part, belatedly admitted this dilemma in a conversation with The Verge.

Google is keen to see the recent advancements it made in the field of AI integrated with most of its services and products which in turn is aimed at making our lives all the more convenient.

Finally, focus on the customer experience you provide.

As with the Lenovo and JBL Smart Displays the LG model is also compatible with all the usual Google Assistant features with Chromecast built-in. Google announced that Google Assistant could cut down user's work to half by making appointments or reservations on the user's behalf through phone calls when the appointment or reservations could not be booked online.

"... Our vision for the ideal assistant is that it is naturally conversational, it's there when you need it so that you can get things done in the real world".

Google is still debating how to unleash it, and how human to make the technology, several employees said during the conference.

Google is set to start testing the feature in a public beta via Google Assistant at some point in the summer, although an exact release date or the regions it'll be available in have yet to be announced.

You can have food using Google's latest food pick-up and delivery feature. Google Maps is being turned into a more social platform.

Augmented reality is also being added to Google Maps. This is a powerful and helpful feature that will make the Google Assistant much better.

For instance, Samsung users won't have access to an early "beta" version of Android P. Samsung's camera app also won't get a built-in Lens feature that lets Google offer information after taking a photo of a building or sign.

According to the report, one Google manager said the final product could, for example, require Google Assistant to notify a person that they weren't talking to a human before starting a conversation. Nonetheless, for Google Home users, it's a good news. This time Google is revamping nearly everything.

Thanks to advances in its artificial intelligence, there will be six new voices for Google Assistant, and recording artist John Legend will also be one of them.

What's more, the Assistant is able to answer more complex questions as well. To do that, head over to the Google App and look for the menu and hit "Settings", then go to "Google Assistant Settings" and tap "Preferences". To address the worry of many parents that kids who live with smart speakers are getting too bossy and demanding, Google is going to get the assistant to actively encourage politeness and saying please, in a project they call Pretty Please. Moreover, it can speak in new voices or listen for continuous questions. Google said that the Assistant will support 30 different languages by the end of 2018.

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