How England is preparing for Prince Harry and Meaghan Markle's royal wedding

Saturday, 12 May, 2018

Just because Rihanna isn't attending Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's royal wedding doesn't mean she can't give the soon-to-be newlyweds advice in the form of a congratulatory present. St. George's Chapel at Windsor Castle will host the wedding on May 19.

With a week to go until the royal wedding, royal paraphernalia is coming in thick and fast.

There is barely an inch of window which isn't taken up by Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, whose faces adorn yards of bunting, hundreds of commemorative tea towels, and a startling number of lifesize cutouts in every shop, pub, cafe and estate agent in the town centre.

The couple was set up on a blind date by an unnamed mutual friend in July 2016. The good news, though, is that worldwide shipping exists, and if Harry and Meghan have taught us anything, it's that bridging the gap across the pond (and looking damn good while doing it) is easier than ever. Nothing truly says "Royal Wedding" like a sweet ginger and American mustard sausage does it?

Yes, you'll be able to watch CBS News' extensive coverage on television and multiple streaming platforms, starting at 4 a.m. ET.

Your royal creation will be printed and posted (to United Kingdom locations) within days - hopefully in time for the wedding if you're fast.

Meghan Markle...a savage? C'mon, Ri Ri. The marriage ceremony at begins at 7 a.m. ET, 12 p.m. local time.

Select your Prince Harry or Meghan face and then upload them to the website over the template of the swimsuit.

"Lifetime" wasted no time and green-lit a movie based on Prince Harry and Meghan Markle's romance when their engagement was announced on November 27th of previous year.