Rally returns Trump to campaign roots, projects party unity

Saturday, 12 May, 2018

Even if that trend holds true for Election Day voters, it's unknown whether those voters had been longtime Democratic voters before 2016 or if they were "Kasich Republicans", as the Cordray campaign claims.

But Trumpian politics fizzled in several important primaries, and voters chose a thoroughly conventional pair of candidates for governor in Mike DeWine, a Republican, and Richard Cordray, a Democrat.

However, he cautioned that, if the Democrats get control of Congress, they will interfere with the implementation of its agenda.

Brown says that shouldn't worry Democrats when it comes to November.

Julie Brown, a 52-year-old Republican teacher from Henderson who didn't vote for Trump, said she's not sure about Rosen but she knows she won't support Heller.

Mid-term elections are typically hard for the party in power, and this year's is no exception. Overall, about 21 percent of registered OH voters cast ballots Tuesday, according to unofficial results. Just about all of that change has come from Republicans, who now give Mueller a 17% approval rating, down from 29% in March.

National Republicans and Democrats waded into the West Virginia Senate primary, and they found that interventions can be effective.

And the poll suggests those voters who say the President matters deeply to their vote are more inclined to cast a ballot against him.

Obama suffered broad losses in Congress and in statehouses during the 2010 and 2014 midterm elections, an outcome Trump hopes to avoid. That margin has narrowed in the new poll; 48% said they'd rather choose a candidate who opposes Trump, while 43% prefer a candidate who supports the President. Two years ago, Pittenger was almost defeated in his North Carolina primary by Mark Harris, a conservative pastor.

"Mitch McConnell increased everybody's health care [costs] in that tax cut bill", he said to applause from the crowd of about 40 Democratic activists.

Democratic Senatorial Campaign Committee spokesman David Bergstein responded to Braun's projected win by saying he "emerges tonight badly damaged from one of the most divisive primaries in the country, where the candidates focused more on petty political attacks than on Hoosiers".

"Every candidate that we wanted won, and they did very well", Trump said Wednesday. About half of Americans (49%) say Comey has mostly said true things publicly about the investigation vs. 37% who say his statements have been mostly false. The gap between Democrats and Republicans on this issue has narrowed, though.

Sen. Sherrod Brown says he's neither surprised nor anxious about lower Democratic turnout, due to the particularly divisive Republican primary. Meanwhile, the Republican side had DeWine and Lt. Gov. Mary Taylor calling each other names, invoking Barack Obama and doing "whatever Republicans do in red meat primaries to gin up their base". Rosen's most recent reports show she started April with about $3.5 million.