The Clean Cut: Science video explains Yanny vs. Laurel debate

Friday, 18 May, 2018

By the time Jimmy Fallon was done exploring this new clip, he could swear he was hearing both words at the same time, and he's not the only one.

"Acoustically ambiguous" in this case means that it's a very poor-quality file. Don't you have more important things to deal with?

While Jones is, indeed, an actor and singer, he was working a temp job at a financial institution when the craze around his voice-infused meme went viral.

The original tweet was removed, and the Air Force said it would address the matter internally.

Roland Szabo, 18, said he recorded the seemingly innocuous audio from a vocabulary website while doing a project for his school in the USA state of Georgia. Circling back to the first clip revealed it had been saying that phrase all along.

Story says the two words have similar patterns that could be easy to be confused. " The three-second clip is of a robotic voice uttering one of the two names, either Yanny or Laurel".

He noticed similarities in the features of these words, which you can see below.

People who hear one or the other are certain that they are right, so the other side must be wrong. "If you're not picking up on those higher frequencies then it sounds more like Laurel".

It's worth remembering that while you most definitely hear Yanny, others, with equal conviction, hear Laurel.

Patricia Keating, a linguistics professor and the director of the phonetics lab at UCLA, said: "It depends on what part (what frequency range) of the signal you attend to".

It turns out that our brains can shift pretty easily between hearing yanni and laurel, just based on how low or high the frequency of the recording gets. "I hear Laurel, too, but the more I hear it, I can do both".

You can hear "Brainstorm" or "Green Needle" based on whichever one you think about.

She provides another example.

She played the same clip for her class and it turned into "The Dress" for your ears.

The brain is left to interpret what we are hearing and make its own guess.

She says speakers could also play a factor in what we hear.