Local contest victor shares American Idol experience

Tuesday, 22 May, 2018

And that was before the win.

The first installment of the two-night "American Idol" finale on Sunday featured a trio of performances from the top three, including an encore of each one's favorite performance, a song dedicated to his or her hometown, and their potential first single.

"I don't understand how Gabby didn't win American Idol and I'm actually really annoyed right now about it...."

Two numbers from Luke Bryan, who'll deliver a sol performance of "Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset" and then team up with finalist Gabby Barrett for "Most People Are Good".

Poppe established herself as a contender from the moment she auditioned with a heartfelt rendition of "Rainbow Connection".

Poppe was the only contestant of the three not getting negative feedback from her first performance, which was of "Going Going Gone".

Next, top 10 finalist Cade Foehner jammed with Gary Clark, Jr. and eliminated Idol contestant Dennis Lorenzo on Clark's "Bright Lights".

Monday, the contestants again performed along with other singers for the two-hour season finale. While the song is not her strongest, she definitely showcases her chance to take this competition home. Hutchinson is slated to sing "Wagon Wheel" with Darius Rucker.

Following the performance, Ryan Seacrest revealed that the show was sending the love birds on a trip to Hawaii together, but, of course, their parents would come to supervise them. Fellow judge Katy Perry has thrown her support behind Maddie, per Billboard, saying that Maddie has the possibility to shine on streaming services. They blew everyone away with their stripped down version of Katy's chart-topper "Part of Me". And Top 5 contestant Michael J. Woodard will raise his voice in song once more with Yolanda Adams on "What the World Needs Now".

Caleb and Maddie - who revealed they are now dating - dueted on a mash-up of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" and "What a Wonderful World". ABC is included in the package so you'll be able to quickly join in time to watch the big Idol finale.

But who won? After the two-hour special, Maddie was named the victor!