Jaw-dropping scenes from the Ellicott City flood

Wednesday, 30 May, 2018

Searchers on Tuesday scouring a river alongside an historic Maryland town ripped apart by flash flooding found the body of a man last seen being swept away by the raging waters as it gutted shops and pushed parked cars into swollen tributaries.

Lt. Col. Charles Kohler, a spokesman for the Maryland Army National Guard, said Hermond was a sergeant assigned to the training department at the Camp Fretterd Military Reservation in Reisterstown.

Ellicott City saw unsafe flood waters tear through the area Sunday afternoon, prompting a flash flood emergency. Eddison is a member of the National Guard and former member of the Air Force, and was trying to help others escape the floods when he was swept away himself.

Residents in Ellicott City, about 13 miles west of Baltimore, returned to their businesses and homes Monday to examine the damage cause by the massive flood.

"He has not been located despite ongoing searches of the area", they added.

At a news conference on Sunday night (Monday NZT), Kittleman and Governor Larry Hogan vowed to help people rebuild their lives again. "They say this is a once every 1000-year flood and we've had two of them in two years", Hogan said. Emergency officials reported that at least one Ellicott City building has collapsed. Thunderstorms are in the D.C. -area forecast from Wednesday through Saturday, and Kittleman said officials are looking out for potential trouble spots around the area. That's in the same area devastated by flash flooding in July 2016. At the height of the storm, the water had risen above the first floor of some buildings, Howard County emergency officials said. Gas lines were shut down and a historic building fell, he said.

"We got a lot done today", Irvin said.

"Praying for the fearless veteran who has been reported missing following yesterday's bad flooding in Ellicott City", Hogan tweeted Tuesday. When the flash flooding receded, first responders walked through the ravaged downtown area, the main street strewn with debris.

Between 24 and 30 emergency rescues took place, including stranded individuals and water rescues.