The 'Destiny 2' Annual Pass changes how often you play new content

Wednesday, 06 Jun, 2018

As per usual, PlayStation players get some extra content, including a new strike, gear sets, a ship, and a solitary exotic weapon, although the last batch of exclusives will now come online on PC and Xbox One.

The next two weeks - between Bungie's Twitch reveal on June 5, and its presence at the world's biggest annual gaming convention, E3 2018, which takes place the following week - will be crucial for the game.

The package will cost $39.99 and can be purchased with the game's Annual Pass for $69.99. While Destiny 2 reserved shotguns and other heavy weapons for your "Power" slot, Forsaken will allow you to equip up to three shotguns at once, like some sort of insane person. This does make the price for each expansion cheaper than before at just under $12 each, however.

The focus of these releases is "more of what you want, more often", according to game director Steve Cotton.

Nightstalker: There is very little information about the Nightstalker, but it appears they will now be able to use two Void knives when their Super activates.

The new raid is maybe my most anticipated addition, though: The Dreaming City. Not only that, one player can "invade" the enemy team to kill them and take their motes.

"With an absorbing new story, created by High Moon Studios in partnership with Bungie, Destiny 2: Forsaken offers core players an epic experience, and offers a compelling entry point for new players", said Byron Beede, Executive Vice President and General Manager for Destiny at Activision. A new weapon type was also added to the game which is a bow and arrow. However, while there will be story, it's not the same kind of cinematic driven story that they tried to deliver with the Curse of Osiris and Warmind expansions. Developers said that it will feature more bosses than all of the other raids. Bungie could not reveal much about this destination but did say it would change over time based on player activity.

Forsaken gives players more choices when equipping weapons.

A lot was revealed on stream, but of great interest was a new mix of PvP and PvE called Gambit Mode. New supers! Collections are back! The Black Armory, Joker's Wild, and Penumbra will release in Winter, Spring, and Summer of next year. This is insane news as the game has primarily only catered to guns, explosive projectiles, and other firearms. Furthermore, Bungie announced that the abilities for each class of Guardian will also change when Forsaken drops in September. There will also be a bow introduced to the game, for people who enjoy some low tech murder.