What to Watch for in California's Wild Primaries

Wednesday, 06 Jun, 2018

They say poll workers have been instructed to offer provisional ballots to every voter whose name doesn't appear on the poll site's roster. Roger Wicker. In a tweet, Trump said Wicker "has done everything necessary to Make America Great Again!"

In southern New Jersey, where the retirement of a longtime Republican incumbent gave Democrats an opening, state Sen.

She would become the first female governor in South Dakota history. They were the only two on the ballot and will face off again in November.

Recognizing the high stakes, Trump sought to energize his supporters in a series of tweets praising his preferred California Republican candidates.

Governor - Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom took an early statewide lead in initial returns from mail ballots, with 39.4 percent of the vote, followed by John Cox at 23.1 percent. Will it make a difference?

The state's primary system offered potential nightmare scenarios for both parties.

Perhaps the most competitive and high-profile race is the race for Governor of Iowa. "The Democrats are supposed to be the party of the underrepresented and the marginalized".

"My opponent, greedy drug company CEO Bob Hugin, is going to have to answer for his record of driving up prices for cancer patients while making millions for himself", Menendez said. The jury deadlocked, but Republicans hope to use Menendez's legal troubles to tar other Democrats like Sherrill across the state. She would be the first Latina Democratic governor in USA history.

Wicker said in a recent fundraising appeal that he wants to help the president "enact his America-first policies". That's almost as many as the seven Republican-held seats in California that Democrats are trying to flip.

The state's unusual election laws complicate things for both sides. Jerry Brown. California's top two electoral system, which only allows the first and second place winners to move onto the general election, regardless of political party, means that all but 25 will soon be heading home. Democratic operatives have seen the possibility of a top-two shut-out coming for months, but aside from offering endorsements, buying advertisements, and good old-fashioned browbeating, there isn't much the party can do. She could be up against another Democrat or a Republican come November.

Cox, a business executive, has the GOP's best chance at earning a spot. Republicans also nominated a member of Congress, Rep. Steve Pearce, to run for the job. Anywhere from a quarter to 40 percent of Republicans have listed themselves as undecided, a percentage that far exceeds de León's expected vote total.

Pelosi, the House Democratic leader, hopes to reclaim the speaker's gavel if her party regains control of the chamber in November. Democrats have almost 900,000 more registered voters than Republicans in the state. Dr. Asif Mahmood, a Democrat, and school teacher Nathalie Hrizi, a Peace and Freedom candidate, round out the ballot. For Democrats, who risk getting shut out of key congressional races, it has massive implications for their push to retake control of the U.S. House.

There are other kinds of drama playing out in other parts of the country.

Primary elections also happened in Alabama, California, Mississippi, Montana, New Jersey and New Mexico. Hugin, a former Marine and Princeton University graduate, has promised to serve as an independent voice for Democrat-leaning New Jersey, where Trump is unpopular. On the Republican side, pharmaceutical executive Bob Hugin has poured $7.5 million into his campaign.

New Jersey Democratic voters were projected to nominate Sen. Jon Tester, who is among the most vulnerable Democratic senators in the nation. State Auditor Matt Rosendale and former judge Russ Fagg are the top contenders for the GOP nomination.

Democrats have aimed their most aggressive attacks at Rosendale, seizing on his background in Maryland and questions about his experience as a rancher.

Cisneros has been locked in a heated battle with Democrat Andy Thorburn for the number two spot in that district. She made the decision after the release of a 2005 "Access Hollywood" tape in which Trump bragged about grabbing women's genitals.