Kate Spade, designer who built handbag empire, found dead

Четверг, 07 Июн, 2018

I was very sorry to read of Kate Spade's untimely passing, and hope her story serves as a reminder that sometimes, despite the support and love of people who care and their repeated attempts to get someone help, a person may still make the decision to forgo the pain they are experiencing with an act that can not be undone. In a police interview, Andy confirmed that he was the one who wanted to end the marriage, and Kate was holding on.

Her older sister, Reta Saffo, told The Kansas City Star (as well as the Daily News) Spade had been suffering from mental illnesses for the last three to four years.

Spade was found hanged in the bedroom of her Park Avenue apartment Tuesday morning in an apparent suicide, law enforcement officials said.

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Saffo went on to say that her sister seemed fixated on the death of comedian Robin Williams back in 2014; Williams took his own life by hanging himself.

On Tuesday afternoon, the fashion world was rocked by the sudden and tragic loss of Kate Spade.

"Debuting with just six silhouettes, she combined sleek, utilitarian shapes and colorful palettes in an entirely new way", the site says.

Spade's family confirmed her death in a statement to The New York Times.

Coach, now known as Tapestry, bought the Kate Spade brand past year for $2.4 billion, seeking to broaden its appeal. Alongside the bright bags, she also designed luxury shoes, sunglasses and accessories.

Her family said in a statement, "We are all devastated" and "We loved Kate dearly and will miss her terribly". Spade was 55 years old.

The Kansas City, Missouri, native married Andy Spade, brother of actor David Spade, in 1994.

'He has 100% lost his soulmate and is only focused on his daughter right now, ' they said. The designer left a suicide note addressed to her 13-year-old daughter, telling her it was not her fault. I will forever fondly think of Kate, college, and my sisters when I see that Phoebe bag. "And then Valentine was my mom's dad's middle name because he was born on Valentine's day", she told WWD in November 2015 of how she named the brand. "She was definitely anxious about what people would say if they found out". Kate was building Frances Valentine until her untimely death at age 55. We were in touch with her the night before and she sounded happy.

If you or someone you know is in emotional distress or considering suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).