MacOS Mojave brings dark mode, better privacy, and more iOS ideas

Thursday, 07 Jun, 2018

Other new features in Mojave include Continuity, which lets you take photos and scans on your iPhone or iPad and drop them straight into documents on Mac, and a new screenshotting tool similar to that found on iOS.

As a successor to macOS 10.13 High Sierra, macOS 10.14 Mojave has tonnes of new changes.

Apple's forthcoming macOS Mojave release will be the last version of the desktop operating system to officially support 32-bit applications. Mojave will allegedly bring tons of significant updates to Mac laptops like the "dark mode" feature which will allow users to dim some elements on their screen.

For regular users there are some good reasons not to install the beta, but these will change over time and ultimately there are some excellent reasons to try the macOS 10.14 beta ahead of the full release in the fall.

Other new features have also been added to the default macOS app Finder, but unless you're a photography nut, you won't really notice the new previewing and photo management features.

Apple Inc. said it will combine the different software systems underpinning iPhone and Mac apps, creating a larger, more-attractive ecosystem for millions of developers. Apart from the new Dark Mode and Dynamic Wallpaper features, the Cupertino-based giant also unveiled something called Desktop Stacks with this new update. To switch between Rooms, you have to use the "View" tab in the menu bar or swipe left/right with two-fingers on your Mac's trackpad.

The feature also allows users to limit their time on an app.

The next OS your Mac runs is Mojave, and it will clean the desktop, make it easier to see at night, and even start to bring over iOS apps.

The shared screenshots include an Apple News icon. The Dark Mode is created to impact nearly every part of the OS including the windows, files, dock, UI, top bar, and even the desktop. This one is more universal, affecting all apps. As with iOS 12, Intelligent Tracking prevention in Safari will help block social media "Like" or "Share" buttons and comment widgets from tracking users without permission.

The developer sourced the screenshots from the preview video shared by Apple. Your digital fingerprint derived through configuration, fonts and plug-ins installed, will be harder to track with macOS Mojave-Apple will reduce the data that websites will get access to, making it harder to identify your device and track you.

Beyond Dark Mode, the Desktop is gaining a new Stacks feature to replicate the feature from the dock and build upon it for the Desktop.

According to Federighi, Apple has been working on a major project for the past few years, focused on bringing part of the UIKit to macOS's AppKit to make some iOS apps available on macOS.

MacOS Mojave also comes with new data protections that will require apps to get user permission before using the Mac camera and microphone or accessing personal data like user Mail history and Messages database.

The Mac App Store is a ghost town of limited selection and Apple customers have long complained that some Mac apps get short shrift.