Say goodbye to IHOP and hello to

Thursday, 07 Jun, 2018

It's not exactly an worldwide crisis, but many people are confused why IHOP ― aka the global House of Pancakes ― is changing its name after 60 years.

The iconic pancake house announced on Twitter Tuesday that it would be getting a new name. "Find out what it could b on 6.11.18", the company wrote.

The company says it will reveal the answer on Monday June 11th.

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Added to that, users seemed even more confused as to why IHOP would consider changing its name in the first place. People started to wonder if the b stood for breakfast, brunch or bacon, which would make sense.

On social media, reactions to the name change have been mixed. Both the name and restaurant have since become recognized worldwide for anything breakfast, particularly the pancakes.

Exactly what the "b" stands for remains a mystery. It shortened its name to just IHOP in 1973 and has over 1,750 locations worldwide.

It's not clear why Dine Brands, which owns IHOP and Applebees, is going with the name change.