Soldier leads chase in stolen armored vehicle

Friday, 08 Jun, 2018

Virginia State Police were involved in an unusual police chase Tuesday evening as a stolen military vehicle sped down Interstate 95 at 40 miles per hour.

The unarmed armoured personnel carrier reached speeds of 60km/h as it barrelled down Interstate 95 in Virginia.

An armored military vehicle, looking like a tank, but without the weaponry, was taken Tuesday night from a military installation in Virginia, and pursued over main roads to Richmond. Yabut said he was later given the command in coded military language to conduct the exercise, which he said was aimed at gauging police response.

Parker Slaybaugh, a former WRIC reporter, shared the incredible video of the suspect vehicle being followed by police on Broad Street.

Oliver stated there's no indication that anyone other than the driver was injured during the incident, and no crashes occurred during the chase.

At about 9.40pm the driver drove the armored vehicle onto a median and was surrounded by police.

Police say charges are pending and the incident is still under investigation.

Officers were involved in an unusual chase following reports an armored personnel carrier (APC) was being driven through Richmond at speeds of up to 40mph.

The chase began at 7.55pm, while the vehicle wound through Virginia for over 60 miles.

This undated image provided by Richmond City Sheriff's Office shows Joshua Yabut.

A spokesman for the Virginia National Guard is refuting an officer's claim that he had been ordered by his brigade commander to drive an armored personnel carrier off base.

"The vehicle was not equipped with any weapons, but the soldier did have his personal weapon with him but had no ammunition", Puryear said.

In his court appearance, Yabut said the National Guard was his only source of income. He also was charged with felony counts of eluding police and unauthorized use of a vehicle.