Twitter reacts to news of Anthony Bourdain’s death

Sunday, 10 Jun, 2018

Guns were the most common method of suicide, the study found. "Believe me, people are very willing to talk about it if you open that door for them". "That's why I do it".

Showing rage or talking about seeking revenge.

In the wake of Kate Spade's suicide, a newly released study says suicide rates have increased almost 30 percent in the the last 20 years.

Bourdain and Spade died at 61 and 55, respectively - an age cohort with strikingly high suicide rates in the US, according to the CDC. "Now they have no place to have Christmas or Thanksgiving", said Hawaii Family Forum President Eva Andrade.

"We have to keep working on stigma", Zietlow-DeJesus said.

In 2016 alone, nearly 45,000 Americans aged 10 or older lost their lives to suicide.

"Most people think it's teenagers and young people because that's what gets attention, but it's not", said Karen Heisig, a board member of the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention in Rochester.

On Tuesday, acclaimed fashion designer Kate Spade was found hanged in her NY apartment.

The suicide of celebrity chef and cookbook author Anthony Bourdain on Friday renewed a national sense of sorrow over the premature loss of vibrant people. "The idea that suicide is not preventable is completely fallacious". With that said, experts 8 News NOW spoke with said Nevada is still ranked fifth overall.

"It's all around you", agrees Copeland. "The routine of seeing your good friends every day can disappear, having your teacher that know you, having your counselor that know you has disappeared", said Zallar.

"There's that taboo of 'If I say it, is that bad?"

Anthony Bourdain committed suicide the same week as Kate Spade, even as the CDC reported a rise in suicides across the country.

In N.J.: New Jersey Suicide Prevention Hopeline: 1-855-654-6735 or visit So, we would have to watch, especially with people on the Big Island who have lost their homes. "And that's what we need to push back on". "We should also be learning what mental health is and what symptoms we can look for in ourselves as well as others".

They might talk about wanting to die or make plans for taking their life. Let them know that depression is a mental disorder and that it is treatable. Springer stresses that the most important thing to remember is that there is always hope.

Despite its many benefits, life in the limelight can be extremely isolating.

Forging a connection may be the key to prevention.

"You have to trust your gut because you might be the only person to reach out".

Sources also say the man who was killed after his truck plunged 200 feet from cliff on Maui on Wednesday died by suicide. He was startled to learn that Williams' struggles echoed his own. "Suddenly it's not about 'those people, ' it's about people you know and love and that changed the whole conversation about AIDS", says Copeland. Often, warning signs might be disguised and not everyone in that person's life sees them.

They say suicide is a major issue that needs to be tackled together.

"If I can help somebody, it's worth it".