Iran warns North Korea of the U.S

Среда, 13 Июн, 2018

CBS News' David Martin reports that Pentagon spokesperson Dana White said Defense Secretary James Mattis "was not surprised".

The US forces stationed in South Korea have not received any guidance on cessation of military exercises on the Korean Peninsula, following statements made by US President Donald Trump in Singapore after his talks with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, Spokeswoman for US Forces in Korea Lt. Col. Jennifer Lovett told TASS on Tuesday.

The presidential office said the measures were particularly needed at a time "when a variety of serious dialogues have been held between the North and the USA for the denuclearization of the Korean peninsula and the establishment of relations".

Pompeo added, President Trump is very prepared for his upcoming meeting with Kim Jong Un and is eager to achieve real progress.

It's also unclear if and when the USA will lift sanctions on Pyongyang, which has gone back on vows to denuclearize before.

Trump said verification processes had been discussed at the summit, and that Kim understood it would involve accepting large numbers of USA and worldwide personnel. For instance, they don't know whether Mr. Trump was referring to exercises like sending F-22 fighter jets to South Korea to conduct training, or eliminating long-range bomber flights over the Korean peninsula, or Foal Eagle, which is the name of the combined field training exercises conducted every year by the US and South Korea.

The exercises are held several times each year, focusing on everything from warding off a North Korean attack on its neighbour to the south to "decapitation" strikes aimed at killing key members of the Kim regime. We will be saving a tremendous amount of money. "I hope it will be eventually".

Yesterday, the two leaders signed a commitment towards denuclearisation of the Korean Peninsula.

Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y., said he was concerned that none of North Korea's human rights violations were addressed.

If the showy drills do end, it would be a concession on the part of the president to Kim. President Trump later revealed he agreed to stop military exercises with South Korea.

Sen. David Perdue (R-GA), who has spent a significant time living and working in East Asia, told a group of defense reporters at a breakfast roundtable Tuesday morning that he was "surprised" and "troubled" by the announcement.

From 1950 to 1953 the Korean War waged on.

Trump's remarks contradicted decades of assertions by U.S. administrations that military exercises in South Korea are defensive and essential to ensuring that allied forces are ready at a moment's notice to fight the North.

"One of the key points that Trump and his advisers made was that the USA will not repeat the mistakes of previous deals", he said.

Still, he credited the summit for starting a diplomatic process between North Korea and the United States.

Although Trump insisted at a post-summit news conference that "I think he really wants to de-nuke", the president was only able to cite a single unwritten pledge from Kim - to close a missile engine facility. Seoul's presidential office said it was trying to parse Trump's comments.

Nam Sung-wook at Korea University said, "With the latest agreement, we can kiss goodbye to the prospect of North Korean denuclearization".

Experts at Boston-area universities Tuesday reacted both cautiously and skeptically to President Trump's meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, saying it hadn't produced much of substance and even that Kim had come away the victor. -North Korea military search teams conducted 33 joint recovery operations and recovered 229 sets of American remains.