The Elder Scrolls: Blades Announced for iOS & Android

Wednesday, 13 Jun, 2018

Continue below for a little bit more info on the game and to check out the E3 teaser trailer that announced the game. The studio teased us with what we could be expecting in the game through the following trailer.

Just a really pretty view of a coastline with some mountains in the distance. That's all we learned, but we'll take it. As is traditional with Elder Scrolls games, this is the lycanthropic segment of the game's overall narrative and will see you diving into stories of curses and horrors; you'll maybe even come across Daedric Prince Hircine himself. Blades draws inspiration from the Elder Scrolls days of yore, with more Arena and Daggerfall-inspired experiences. And to top it all off, The Elder Scrolls: Blades will be made available for free this Fall, with pre-orders starting tonight on Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Blades is a free-to-play title for Android and iOS in which players battle through dungeons via taps and swipes of the touchscreen to kill all manner of supernatural nasties while hunting for treasure.

Stunning, console-quality visuals are the first thing which stood out, the kind of graphics that make you wonder whether your previous-generation iPad will be capable of running this absolute powerhouse. At present, we have no reason to believe that this is not a proper single-player epic Elder Scrolls adventure in the style of classic Elder Scrolls experiences. Players can also engage in extensive character customisation, and collect resources to build their own base.

What is Elder Scrolls Blades?

The rest of the interview is worth a listen if you're stilling buzzing from that showcase and want more information about everything shown, too.

Bethesda hasn't revealed a firm release date, but says the game will be available for download later this year. Bethesda's expansion beyond traditional consoles offers a potential wealth of hallmark IP's in forms we haven't seen before. The game is a prequel to the Fallout series, set in West Virginia, and you will be the first to emerge into the wasteland after the nuclear fallout. Morrowind was set in its namesake region, while Oblivion was centered in Cyrodiil, and finally, Skyrim in.

So what does The Provinces of Tamriel say about High Rock? We also see imagery of what appears to be a pointed satellite or space station hovering above an arid planet. Could it be in the home of the Bosmser wood elves, Valenwood?