Reporter Compares Children's Immigration Detention Center to Jail

Monday, 18 Jun, 2018

The Administration for Children and Families at the US Department of Health and Human Services shared the photos with Business Insider on Thursday.

Asked if children will be kept in tents, Wolfe said the facility would have "soft-sided structures", but didn't immediately clarify what those structures would be.

Dozens of the children were forcibly separated from their parents at the border by a new Trump administration "zero-tolerance" policy.

Late Thursday, HHS announced an area near El Paso, Texas, will serve as temporary shelter for kids who have been separated from their parents after crossing the border illegally. Blanco, along with five other Democratic state lawmakers, sent a letter to the Departments of Homeland Security and Health and Human Services this week, calling the idea of tent cities and separating families at the border "abhorrent and possibly illegal".

"We're trying to do the best that we can taking care of these children". Hinojosa said that children at the shelter are able to call their families, and that Southwest Key Programs, as part of its intake process, works to find out how to get in touch with family members.

"Our goal is to reunite these children with their families as soon as we can do that", he told reporters Wednesday.

A smarter immigration strategy would address root problems such as economic instability and a breakdown in the rule of law in Central America, he said, while noting the need to use advanced technology and manpower to guard the border.

The organization is contracted by the Office of Refugee Resettlement, a division of HHS that manages minors suspected of crossing the USA border illegally and oversees their transfer to family custody or foster care.

The details of the shelter are unusual, and have been criticized by many on social media as seeming like they belong to a detention center rather than an institution meant to care for children. Earlier this month, Merkley visited another facility in Brownsville, Texas, which holds unaccompanied minors, and was refused entry.

Other presidential murals are painted on walls throughout the facility, and children are taught USA history for several hours per day-while the government bars them from joining US society. The Trump administration has warned that they're coming across the border to make mayhem in the United States. He also pointed to Arpaio's fall from grace and ultimate conviction as a lesson for the Trump administration.

This comes after a U.S. Senator was denied entry the facility.

"This is an issue about how should you treat children".