YouTube Music streaming service goes official, starts May 22

Вторник, 19 Июн, 2018

For now, however, the changes for Google Play Music subscribers are limited to an unfortunate downgrade: no more ad-free YouTube videos. Kind of, sort of.

YouTube Premium will be available for US$11.99 per month (US price) - US$2 more than the current price of YouTube Red.

YouTube tweeted, "Starting today, we're updating the YouTube mobile app with features that help everyone understand their tech usage, disconnect when needed, and create healthy habits".

With YouTube Music, you have free and paid tiers.

The video streaming company said it will also launch YouTube Premium, the revamped YouTube Red subscription service. For now, you'll receive both YouTube Music Premium and Google Play Music with a subscription.

This new music streaming service is set to launch 22 May, with the US, Australia, New Zealand, Mexico and South Korea getting the platform first and other countries, including the United Kingdom, set to get it in the "coming weeks". In addition to everything included in the free version of YouTube Music, YouTube Music Premium enables background listening and downloads.

You'll no longer have access to the full YouTube Red experience because of this update. The company unveiled two new products, including YouTube Music and YouTube Premium, that will get you access to plenty of ad-free content, including YouTube originals.

And that doesn't point to a bright future for Google's music streaming service. Also, the video-sharing site also ready to charge more on its original shows like Cobra Kai.

While most people are either team Spotify, team Tidal, or Team Apple Music, there are a number of people out there finding ways to exclusively listen to music while on the move via YouTube. A further 14 countries will join "in the coming weeks".

The advantage of building a music service around YouTube is that it has content that other services don't have.

Google Play Music - which launched in 2011 with little success - will eventually be discontinued, with no end date as yet revealed.

Current subscribers to Google Play Music and YouTube Red will continue to pay $9.99 monthly, but new subscribers signing up for the service will pay $11.99. Subscribers to Play Music will also get a YouTube Music premium subscription.