LeBron James has averaged 9.5 days to make free agency decisions

Tuesday, 26 Jun, 2018

When Paul George wanted out of IN, it was because he wanted to play for the Los Angeles Lakers.

While it's commonplace for players selected in the NBA Draft to participate in Summer League, teams also fill out their rosters by way of signing those who went undrafted. "We want to respect his space during this process".

Pelinka did not want to address the talks, saying he wanted to respect other teams with which he has discussions.

The Michigan product, though, likes how the current Lakers are trying to play as fast as the Showtime Lakers did. Ben Simmons' relationship with the veteran superstar has been discussed to death, but his and the team's desire to bring in James can't have gone unsaid up until this point.

In other words, we're bound to find out soon.

To fit all three of James, George and Leonard under the salary cap, the Lakers would have to dump Luol Deng's contract on the Spurs in the trade, which will prove hard considering that's not a pill San Antonio want to swallow.

On Thursday, fansite Lakers Nation noted that the Lakers had accumulated yet another second-round pick, 39th overall from Philadelphia. That deal won't be announced until later due to a moratorium.

After they hunt better wings, they could even bring back Stephenson at a lower salary. According to Spotrac.com, the team now has $30.5 million in practical cap space, which is the money they'll have free once they renounce the rights to free agents J.J. Redick, Amir Johnson, Marco Belinelli and Ersan Ilyasova. That said, the other teams in the mix for a Kawhi trade this summer are rightly anxious that Kawhi will be nothing more than a rental as he will find his way to the Lakers one way or another. Bovada has put out updated odds to land LeBron and the Lakers are at the top.

Throughout the past several weeks, Mykhailiuk has worked out with almost a dozen different teams, each time trying to prove to them and anyone watching that he is more than just a shooter. I'll assume that means guaranteeing Collison's $10 million salary rather than waiving him ($2 million guaranteed) and attempting to re-sign him for less. "I think there's an incredible excitement to get to July 1 and to see what the options are". That's just three of the names in what is turning out to be a great free agency class. "If it doesn't, we love this young core that we're developing and we know 2019 could present some wonderful opportunities as well".