Cleveland Cavaliers Interested In Trading For Kemba Walker

Monday, 02 Jul, 2018

James has led Cleveland to four straight NBA Finals but his chances of winning any more titles with the Cavs appear unlikely after they were comprehensively swept by a far-superior Golden State Warriors. "Let's do it. I've seen you needed a few extra pieces this past season, and let's do it. Let's go back to the Finals". He left and rejoined the Cavaliers. He criticized LeBron's actions and belittled him like an immature child.

Of course, James never played with him.

CLEVELAND, Ohio - There has been little linking of Oklahoma's Trae Young to the Cavaliers, which might be considered surprising given the circumstances.

So the Cavs have their young point guard. He averaged only 3.6 assists as he was not a pass-first point guard.

The 19-year-old also carried them to the NCAA Tournament for the first time since 2012.

Maybe one day No. 2 will hang in the rafters.

Ultimately speaking, if the Cavs are going to rebuild this franchise into a serious championship contender, the front office will need to hire a coaching staff that can develop young talent, encourage a cohesive locker-room for team chemistry objective and foster an open environment of communication for the team to flow and operates as a unit. The Cavs roster is filled with overpaid players with bad contracts who aren't getting younger.

Cleveland Drafts Michael Porter Jr.

Here's a look at the current Cavs roster, and projected starting lineup. The second year is a player option. If reports state that Cleveland doesn't want to trade Love, it may entice a trade partner to offer more in a deal, which could be exactly what the Cavs are hoping for. Then other times we take a more objective view and attempt to keep whats best for the team in our sights.

If there's no good landing spot or ideal landing spot for him then Cleveland maybe turns out by default to be the best place. "He played every game into the postseason".

Dan Geriot was promoted to be the Cavs' chief player development coach.

Cleveland has been linked to multiple points guards with the eighth pick in Thursday's draft.

J.R. Smith, George Hill, Tristan Thompson, and Jordan Clarkson collectively will take up roughly $62 million in cap space next season.

Maybe that's unsurprising because James is recognizable well beyond the National Basketball Association, but the National Basketball Association is also a star-driven league, and even in that culture, even into his 30s, LeBron seems like sports' greatest lock to "sell tickets".