Durant plans to re-sign with Warriors, report

Tuesday, 03 Jul, 2018

His current $5 million per year salary didn't even make him among the 10 highest-paid coaches before the season began. Incidentally, Durant will save the Warriors millions in salary and millions more in luxury tax payments by signing this way.

So, what's a little less than six million bucks to some Silicon Valley billionaires? According to ESPN's Zach Lowe, that now includes three-time Sixth Man of the Year victor Jamal Crawford.

Although this contract sets the Warriors up nicely to acquire another intriguing player with the mid-level exception, it brings with it the typical concerns of decreased security. That was the first victory of the night.

The move, which can become official on Friday, further validates Oklahoma City's decision to send a package - including Most Improved Player Victor Oladipo - to IN past year for George, who clearly enjoyed playing with Russell Westbrook with the Thunder.

I guess we should be happy for the Thunder?

Are the Thunder a team the Warriors need to lose sleep over? Those who thought that LeBron James' supposed call to recruit him to Los Angeles would actually work were clearly drinking a little too much LBJ Kool Aid. Now that would've been a threat.

Instead, there is no such superteam to worry about.

Oh, yeah, about those Rockets.

After Durant led the team to an impressive sweep of the Cleveland Cavaliers in the Finals, Golden State general manager Bob Myers said he was prepared to give Durant "whatever" he wanted in free agency. Specifically, its ability to switch all screens against all of Golden State's shooters with like-sized, tough, athletic defenders like P.J. Tucker and TREVOR ARIZA! According to Marc Stein of ESPN, Durant is tipped to join James and other superstars such as Paul George and Chris Paul on the free-agency market. A player such as Greg Monroe will be who the Warriors will target.

All eyes will be on the best player in the world as he makes his decision on where to take his talents - or where to keep them. KD wants to win ring after ring, and he's not settling for the two he's already got. But he's worth far more than that. Apparently not that obsessed.

At this point, most people have accepted that Kevin Durant was not - and will never be - the one to challenge LeBron James head-to-head and claim his throne as the league's alpha dog.