Lewis Hamilton prepared to face the penalty at British Grand Prix

Saturday, 07 Jul, 2018

Following an engine failure and a DNF, current world champion Lewis Hamilton is now one point behind Ferrari rival Sebastian Vettel in the championship race.

"Frédéric Vasseur told me that when Lewis was in GP2 he was the only young driver that when he got out of the auto said: "You don't need to look at the data as my driving was not good".

But nevertheless, Hamilton's Mercedes team mate Valtteri Bottas said that it was tyres - as well as a very potent looking Ferrari - that were his main concern for Sunday's race. But Hamilton said Thursday that "the spirit within the team is stronger than it's ever been and these experiences that we've been having - how we've been handling them - have really united us more than any other thing. We're in for a serious fight which is great for the fans and I hope that we can pull through".

It was also Verstappen's fourth career victory as he came home 1.504 seconds ahead of Kimi Raikkonen and his Ferrari team-mate Sebastian Vettel, who regained the lead in the drivers championship ahead of Hamilton by a single point.

Verstappen finished the race in one hour, 21 minutes, and 56 seconds, while Raikkonen ended up second, 1.5 seconds behind the victor. The Ferraris are really fast.

"My view is that motorsport is not black and white", he continued, "so not every decision can be the same and I don't see the necessity to decide every time, but that's what the sport has developed into". The good is that the weather is fantastic and the crowd was unbelievable today. "That would be very good news". The faster this track gets, the better it gets.

'Historically it has not been a very strong track for us.

Verstappen was squeezed by the Ferrari driver on the run to Turn 4 but retaliated a few corners later with a hard move that included the two cars bumping wheels and ultimately earned Verstappen the win as Mercedes' race imploded.

"I think we could have the header "we're not allowed to race", because that's sometimes how it feels". Fernando Alonso took McLaren to eighth place, which was an unexpected result given that he started from the pits.

Obviously that's what we have tried over the last years and I think here and there we have succeeded quite well.

"I was on the Soft and the Medium tyres today; the Soft felt better than the Medium, and they seem to last - which is impressive if you look at the forces and loads they have to take on this track".

"I was actually going to ask what is the penalty for missing the press conference on Saturday".

"Probably more like somewhere in-between, but I don't want to get into predictions".