Rescuers free eighth boy from cave in Thailand

Wednesday, 11 Jul, 2018

It took nine hours Sunday to rescue the first two boys, who were described as the weakest of the group.

The first four boys, from the group of 13, including the coach, were rescued yesterday. An ambulance was seen leaving the scene immediately afterward early Monday evening. "We have set the plan for four people so if they want to take five out (at the same time), then they need to change the plan".

Following the successful evacuation on Sunday, rescue personnel assessed their performance and adjusted the plan for Monday, resulting in "a smooth, coordinated operation", deputy commander of the Third Army Maj Gen Chalongchai Chaiyakham told reporters. Four boys have been rescued on Sunday and efforts have resumed to try and bring the remaining 9 to safety.

"All 12 wild boars and the coach have left the cave. all safe".

Authorities have refused to confirm names reported in local media, but in the small town of Mae Sai where the cave is located, it's all anybody is talking about it, along with when the second search will start.

The second phase is underway of the rescue of the boys and their coach trapped in a cave in Thailand, officials said.

Among these were that none of the boys had scuba diving experience, and that they could easily panic while swimming underwater across twisted passageways in darkness. It is about two kilometres from the entrance.

Three divers have been escorting the children, while the remainder are positioned along the risky first kilometre stretch.

The Thai youth soccer team and their coach became trapped in the cave they were exploring on June 23 after heavy rains flooded exits.

"I beg Phra Pirun because the Meteorological Department said that from Monday on there will be continuous rain", Bancha said.

Osotthanakorn said the boys were hungry and asking for a Thai dish of beef with basil and chilli.

The boys, who have not been identified, were kept away from visitors due to concerns about possible infection.

Two divers accompanied each of the boys, all of whom have been learning to dive only since July 2, when the first searchers found them.

Millions of people around the world have been captivated by the rescue mission.

It took hours to place oxygen tanks and guide ropes along the narrow tunnel leading to the boys.

The rescued boys were being treated by medics at the field hospital, and were later airlifted to a larger nearby hospital.

The boys are being guided out of the cave by two divers with oxygen tanks. "From what I've seen in the clip, they did look skinny", he said.

An ambulance leaves the cave in northern Thailand hours after the operation began to rescue the trapped soccer players and their coach.

A daring rescue operation the likes of which the world has never seen is now underway with the participation of a team of Thai and global divers.

Writing in elegant Thai script, the boys urged their parents not to worry, adding that they hoped they wouldn't get too much homework after being rescued and couldn't wait to eat their favorite foods again.