France vs Croatia World Cup Final Preview and Predictions

Saturday, 14 Jul, 2018

After four exciting weeks in Russian Federation, the national team is in the World Cup final - and he's, well... he's on the couch.

Despite the potentially imminent tattoo remarkably Powell is still supporting England.

Martinez, who signed an extension until after Euro 2020 in May, can guide Belgium to the nation's best result at the World Cup.

Overall, it's not a surprise Belgium is favored, as it has looked like the better team in this tournament and has more talent. All wrong tonight. When they come up against a decent team, I think it's inevitable that they were going to struggle tonight.

Southgate, who is expected to name a strong side to face Belgium in today's third/fourth place play-off in St Petersburg, added: "I'm old enough now that I don't have to beat myself up unnecessarily".

We've raised expectation. I don't see a problem with that because we've also raised belief in the players.

This time around, we could see the stars play, or we could see some more reserves to get some guys some minutes, and that makes picking here hard. "There is an energy and connection back". "He is a great player for us and we are happy with the way he is playing. Many of these players have come of age and I couldn't be prouder of them".

And finally, on the 109th minute, it was Croatia that took home the win.

"We've proved to ourselves that is possible and we've proved to our country that is possible".

I mean, this is some Tami/Coach Taylor level support right here, so it's no surprise that people were SHOOK.

Graeme Souness has savaged the England team's tactics.

"I think every Belgian fan deserves that winning feeling at the end of this tournament".

Mr Jex has been in Russian Federation for a week, visiting the sites and scenes of the country when not occupied by the World Cup. We have the chance to win a medal at the World Cup, which only one other English team has ever done.

"We did say before the game that these lads will have to take the opportunity now as it may never happen again".