Authorities say 1 killed in LA market standoff

Monday, 23 Jul, 2018

The hostage situation that played out on live television began around 1:30 p.m. when the suspect shot his grandmother and another woman in South Los Angeles and then forced the other woman into his grandmother's auto, Los Angeles Police Chief Michel Moore said.

Los Angeles police named a 28-year-old man on Sunday as the suspect who took hostages and barricaded himself for three hours inside a Trader Joe's grocery store in which he fatally shot a woman.

The grandmother was in stable condition after sustaining seven gunshot wounds and undergoing multiple surgeries, according to police.

The standoff came to an end shortly after 6:30 p.m. local time.

Melyda Corado, 27, had worked at the grocery store for four years and was there Saturday when a deranged, still-unidentified man - who'd just led police on a vehicle chase - crashed into a utility pole in front of the supermarket and ran inside brandishing his weapon.

At least six people, ranging from age 12 to 81, who were held hostage were treated at a hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.

Lopez said customers ran out of the Trader Joe's. She said a man opened fire and officers fired back.

People frantically tried to flee from the store and some were seen climbing through windows, jumping down about 8 feet (2.44 meters), and others darted through the back door.

- Police are communicating with the suspect "trying to bring this to a peaceful conclusion", Sgt. Barry Montgomery of the LAPD said.

An unidentified woman sits next to witnesses on a sidewalk after a gunman barricaded himself inside a Trader Joe's in Los Angeles Saturday, July 21, 2018.

The police pursuit began after the suspect shot his grandmother and girlfriend, reports say.

Police aren't sure what led to the initial violence that produced the auto chase and standoff.

Mayor Eric Garcetti confirmed one woman was shot and killed inside the store. The employee did not appear to be hurt, Kohles said.

The chase ended when the suspect crashed the vehicle, got out and ran into the store on Hyperion Avenue in the Silver Lake neighborhood, Lopez said. The gunman fled his vehicle to hide in the store, as did several bystanders who ran into the store after hearing gunfire.

Other videos showed an employee dragging a person out of the store and employees escaping on a rope ladder outside a window. Once inside the supermarket, the suspect took customers and employees hostage "and held them against their will", said Moore. Witnesses said patrons and workers remain inside the store. The store is now on lockdown, but customers are allowed exit through the back of the building.

President Donald Trump tweeted that he was "Watching Los Angeles possible hostage situation very closely" and that Los Angeles police officers were working with federal law enforcement.