Trump Stuns Washington, Invites Russia's Vladimir Putin to White House

Monday, 23 Jul, 2018

Trump and Putin agreed was important to address.

Mr Coats issued a rare statement rebutting the president's comments during a press conference with Mr Putin doubting the findings of the intelligence community on Russian election interference.

"Several of the intelligence professionals, including Dan Coats, the director of national intelligence, have said the Russians are still at it", Clinton said. "We need to move forward from that with good public policy and part of that is, I think, standing with our intelligence community". The DNI said he would have opposed that arrangement, which left Trump without an official stenographer or aides in the room. The White House knew that Coats was speaking in Aspen at the time that White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders tweeted that Trump had extended an invitation to the Russian president, officials said. Among registered voters, 54% disapproved of Trump's performance at the meeting.

"Thank you very much, no", Trump said. Prosecutors have said she was in contact with Russian operatives during her time in the U.S.

The Post-ABC poll finds that 47 percent say that under Trump, America's leadership in the world has gotten weaker, versus 30 percent who say it has gotten stronger.

Germany Chancellor Angela Merkel weighed in on the invite, saying that she thinks "it must once again become normal for Russian and American presidents to meet". "And they said that she transferred money to Russian Federation but that was simply a credit card payment".

"The president is wrong", GOP Sen.

"The president doesn't respect norms", said a source close to Trump.

"The president doesn't respect norms", the source said.

Reuters reported that Butina and Alexander Torshin, the former Russian Central Bank deputy governor, met with Stanley Fischer, then-vice chair of the Fed, and Nathan Sheets, then-Treasury undersecretary for global affairs, in separate meetings in 2015.

Trump's ratings for handling the summit represent a weakened moment for him, but they are not markedly worse than ratings of his presidency overall in other recent polls.

How is it possible that Trump can assert that Russia is not targeting the United States - three days after he suggested it didn't interfere with the 2016 election - while just a few blocks away, his own administration is prosecuting a Russian for targeting the United States?

The notion of a $400 million donation to the Democrat's campaign would be out of the question.

In his assessment of Putin, Rubio said he did not believe the Russian leader expected a better relationship with the United States and was more "interested in gaining advantage at our expense and to his benefit". The watchdog site shows Browder's NY financial partners, Ziff Brothers Investments giving only $17,700 for Clinton's election and less than $300,000 to the Democratic National Committee, as well as smaller amounts to other entities.