Police name murder suspect in Los Angeles store hostage standoff

Tuesday, 24 Jul, 2018

Los Angeles police named a 28-year-old man on Sunday as the suspect who took hostages and barricaded himself for three hours inside a Trader Joe's grocery store in which he fatally shot a woman.

According to police, 28-year-old Gene Atkins took more than 40 customers and employees hostage at the grocery store on Hyperion Avenue on Saturday afternoon. He was being held on $2 million bail Sunday and it wasn't clear if he had an attorney to comment on the allegations.

CBS News reports that a terrified father said he was separated from his children and feared they may still be inside the store. The pursuit ended with the auto crashing into a light post outside the Trader Joe's in the Silver Lake neighborhood.

A man involved in a standoff with police at a Los Angeles supermarket is suspected of shooting his grandmother and girlfriend earlier in the day, according to officials. Their conditions were not given.

A reporter for the Los Angeles radio station KNX, Cooper Rummell, also said that the LAPD confirmed that Atkins is the suspect in the horrifying incident that claimed the life of a manager at the supermarket, Melyda "Mely" Corado, who was 27-years-old, as The Inquisitr reported earlier.

About three hours later, Atkins - who'd been shot in the left arm - agreed to handcuff himself and walked out the store's front door, surrounded by four of the hostages.

After it ended, LAPD Chief Michael Moore said "the destructive and tragic consequences one person can inflict are at the forefront of our minds tonight, as is the valor and dedication of our men and women who strived to protect so many innocent people", Moore said. He did not identify her or say how she died. It is unclear if the fatal shot was sacked by the gunman or a police officer, he said. He asked if he could place the cuffs on himself, authorities said. The brother, Albert Corado, first Tweeted during the incident that his sister worked at the Trader Joe's and that the family could not contact her.

The Trader Joe's store remained closed Monday, while a memorial of signs and flowers in memory of Corado continued to grow outside the building.

Tributes poured in for the young store manager who loved cookies, gift cards and the movies Black Panther, according to her Facebook. "We appreciate everything Los Angeles law enforcement did to ensure an end to this ordeal".

The suspect's grandmother is in critical condition.

Police say a man had shot his grandmother at least seven times, injured another woman and dragged her into his grandmother's auto to escape. It was not immediately known whether that woman was part of the original shooting.

The man shot his grandmother seven times and wounded another woman, who he forced into a auto, police said.

Don Kohles was standing outside the store when the suspect's auto slammed into a pole.

"He didn't seem right to me", Egland said. Police swarmed the area in tactical gear with guns drawn. "I went in the first door, where you come out, he went in the second door where they all go in and that's a double door".

He then saw about five employees hang out a second-floor window and drop to the ground and about 15 other people run to safety from the back of the store. She said employees eventually let shoppers out. "They helped carry me across the parking lot and they sort of tossed me over a wall", Mr Kohles added.

Police said they were able to locate the suspect via LoJack technology.

The suspect had a pistol in his hand and "just started opening fire on the police behind him", Devin Field said.

Customers ran out of the store when the armed man burst in.

Another witness, Miguel Trujillo, said, "He was very focused in getting out of the cops' vision". "The exchange of bullets were all in an instant".