Barnier blows fresh hole in May's Brexit proposals over Border

Friday, 27 Jul, 2018

Overnight, Brexit Secretary Dominic Raab told the BBC he and others are negotiating "the best deal" on areas of trade and security however, he revealed the government must prepare itself for a "no deal".

Prime Minster Theresa May has said she will now be leading negotiations with the European Union, with Dominic Raab deputizing on her behalf.

During the visit to the North-East, Mrs May will confirm that the Government will lay the legislation to formally conclude the North of Tyne Devolution Deal.

It's not the first report to suggest that food safety standards could be at risk in a no-deal Brexit.

The DUP has warned it will never accept a border between Northern Ireland and the British mainland, and could potentially walk out of the "supply and confidence" deal it has with May's Conservatives, leading to the collapse of the government and fresh elections.

Sarah Wollaston, chairwoman of the Commons Health Select Committee, called for more clarity about the Government's plans.

Both the Austrian and Czech governments have been critical of aspects of European Union policy, particularly on migration, and Mrs May will hope she can use internal divisions within the bloc to push for a more flexible approach from Brussels to the Brexit negotiations.

Mrs May added: 'This is not just about stockpiling.

"Around 700,000 diagnostic tests every year in the NHS require medical radioisotopes but these have very short shelf-lives, they can't be stockpiled and they aren't manufactured here".

One of the key questions in the Brexit process is how much detail about the future relationship - including the crucial issue of financial services - will be pinned down before the United Kingdom leaves.

"There must be a firm commitment in the withdrawal agreement requiring the framework for the future relationship to be translated into legal text as soon as possible", Mr Raab told MPs.

"It's right that we say because we don't know what the outcome is going to be (from Brexit negotiations), we think it's going to be a good one".

At the heart of the conundrum lies an European Union insistence that the way to avoid a "hard border" is for Northern Ireland to follow European Union rules as in Ireland and, if need be, different from those on the British mainland, while May rejects new barriers to goods moving from the mainland to the troubled province.

They wrote: "The Commission has made a major error in only taking advice on Irish matters from Dublin".

"A sensible technological solution is in the best interests of the whole British Isles". One that sees us outside of the political institutions in Brussels that so many of us campaigned to leave. "That concept, what it is, is about making sure that we will be able to continue to do the things that are necessary once we have left the European Union, if we leave without a deal".

The UK would become a third country for trade and regulatory issues "a significant drawback compared to the current level of market integration".