Israel sounds sirens, fires interceptor missiles on Syria frontier

Friday, 27 Jul, 2018

The Sea of Galilee is tens of kilometers from the Syrian border; the missiles would appear to have flown over the Golan Heights before landing.

Two Patriot missiles intercepted the Russian-made Sukhoi on Tuesday afternoon, the Israel Defense Forces said in a statement. According to media reports, the pilot did not survive the shoot-down. The pilot's fate is not clear.

Syrian channel Al-Ikhbariya TV reported that Syrian forces came to the Israeli border in the Golan heights after being knocked from the border zone of the rebels and the terrorists of ISIS.

Israel is concerned about Iranian-backed forces in Syria.

Tuesday's incident comes a day after Israel's air defences fired at Syrian rockets it feared could hit its territory. The camera then panned to what the correspondent said was a United Nations post on the other side of the fence and an Israeli post about 400 yards away.

It is concerned most about the threat it sees from Syria's allies Iran and the Lebanese armed group Hezbollah, saying it will not tolerate any breach of the buffer zone deal.

He affirmed that Israel continues to reject abiding by global legitimacy resolutions due to the policy of some member states that provide the political cover and protection to it to go ahead in its occupation of Arab lands in Palestine, Syria and Lebanon.

"Since the morning hours, there has been an increase in the internal fighting in Syria, including an increase in the activity of the Syrian Air Force", the army said. The plane crashed on the Syrian side of the Golan Heights, Lt. Col. Jonathan Conricus, an Israeli military spokesman, told reporters. "For 40 years, not a single bullet was sacked in the Golan Heights", Netanyahu told reporters this month. It has occupied the area since the 1967 Middle East war.

Israel has launched Patriot missiles in what it describes as a successful interception of a Syrian warplane that penetrated its airspace, but Damascus says the jet was sacked on as it took part in operations against rebels on Syrian territory.

The Israeli military has been on high alert as fighting inside Syria has pushed closer to Israel's northern border in recent weeks.

David's Sling's addition a year ago marked the completion of Israel's multi-tier system that includes the Arrow, created to intercept long-range ballistic missiles in the stratosphere with an eye on Iran, and Iron Dome, which defends against short-range rockets from the Gaza Strip.

Echoing past official statements from both the Syrian and Russian governments, Hassoun called the White Helmets "terrorists" and blamed them for using chemical weapons against civilians in areas held by opposition forces.