Samsung Display's 'Unbreakable' Display Certified in US | Be Korea-savvy

Sunday, 29 Jul, 2018

UL is an official testing company for the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of the US Department of Labor (OSHA) and helps manufacturers ensure their products meet standards or achieve specific levels of quality and performance. The four-foot drop test is "based on military standards set by the U.S. Department of Defense", according to Samsung, which is marketing we've seen before on smartphones, cases, and screen protectors.

The panel has been developed using an unbreakable substrate attached to a fortified plastic window instead of actual glass. Existing flexible OLED panels have a glass-covered window to the display which can shatter if severely impacted.

Samsung claims that enriched plastic used here is very similar to glass with the point of view of its capacity and hardness, being much more flexible.

There is also a possibility that Samsung could use these panels for its bendable screen phone named Galaxy X. Reportedly, Samsung's bendable phone could fold into thirds.

The UL-certified panel can be used widely from vehicle display consoles and portable devices to electronic products which require high durability. Panels were then dropped from the more typical testing height of 1.8 metres/5 feet 9 inches, and still came away with no visible damage. If everyone else has breakable smartphone displays while Samsung's is neigh-impervious to pain, whose would you choose? In another rather extreme test, the OLED display was subject to radical temperatures ranging from a low of -25F to a high of 160F. The panel has also been dropped from an ever higher height of 1.8 meters, with no sign of damage.

Samsung said on Thursday that it has developed an "unbreakable" and flexible display that may soon be used in smartphones and other gadgets.

So the new unbreakable and flexible screen is good news for consumers, we must wait until it starts showing up in real devices.