Trump open to visiting Moscow, White House says

Monday, 30 Jul, 2018

Shine, who was ousted as co-president of Fox News a year ago over his handling of sexual harassment allegations, joined the White House as deputy chief of staff for communications earlier this month.

A CNN correspondent was barred from attending an open press event at the White House on Wednesday because of questions she asked President Donald Trump earlier in the day.

The Russian President on Friday also praised Trump, saying the US President's "great virtue is that he always wants to keep his promises to his voters".

US intelligence agencies have concluded that Moscow interfered to sway the vote toward Trump, and Special Counsel Robert Mueller is investigating whether Trump's campaign worked with the Russians.

A White House official told CBS News earlier this week that the White House stenographer uses the White House audio to produce transcripts.

Maddow made the omission the lead of her prime-time broadcast Tuesday night. Collins and other reporters present at the time disputed the White House's claim. "The U.S. government essentially following the Kremlin's playbook and maintaining that something we all saw with our own eyes, we all heard happen with our own ears, has nevertheless disappeared like old political opponents being airbrushed out of photos". Turns out it wasn't a mistake. A call to Marine Corps Squadron One, which oversees the Marine One fleet and works with the White House on ferrying the president, went unanswered; there was no voicemail for a reporter to leave a message.

The Republican leaders appear to be increasingly relying on public signals, rather than private phone calls or Oval Office chats, to catch the White House's attention and communicate with Trump - especially when they are at odds with the president's approach or policies.

Trump's top communications officials - Bill Shine and Sarah Huckabee Sanders - told Collins she could not attend the event, at which President Trump and Jean-Claude Juncker, president of the European Commission, announced a breakthrough in trade negotiations and suspension of tariffs.

The White House Correspondents' Association, which represents reporters seeking access to the White House, also issued a statement protesting the action.

A search with the WayBack Machine tool reveals the online transcript was updated at some point in the first half of Thursday.

Referring to USA backlash against Trump over his performance in Helsinki, Putin said political turbulence in the United States would not derail contacts between the two leaders.

Most people see it differently, according to new polls from and.

"I love WaPo with the heat of 1000 suns, but nothing here from WaPo disproves our report", she tweeted. Trump has repeatedly denounced the investigation as a "witch hunt" meant to delegitimize his presidency.

"By the way, he has such an invitation", Putin said at a news conference at an global summit in Johannesburg on Friday, referring to the possibility of a Trump visit to Moscow.