Harley-Davidson: More accessible 250cc to 500cc bikes on the way

Wednesday, 01 Aug, 2018

Sharing its global growth road map through 2022 the US-based cult bike marker said it plans to launch the small displacement motorcycle, meant for emerging markets, in India within two years.

Harley-Davidson has also announced that it will launch its first electric motorcycle, the Harley-Davidson LiveWire in early 2019.

These will be joined by a range of lightweight urban motorcycles also within 4 years, although for now, there are no more details other than a few concept sketches.

Harley will develop motorcycles with smaller engines of 250cc to 500cc for Asia, including India, which the company said was one of its fastest growing markets in the world.

Meanwhile, the company will continue its development in the Touring and Cruiser segment to bring "improved and more technologically-advanced" products into the market. The small-displacement bike will sit below the Harley Davidson Street 750.

Motorcycle manufacturer Harley-Davidson unveiled a growth plan on Monday calling for lighter motorcycles and increased attention to foreign sales.

Premium bike maker Harley Davidson on Monday announced its plans to rollout lighter motorcyles, expansion of all retail channels and operating investments to the tune of Dollars 550 million by 2022. The company says that this is the first electric in "a broad, no-clutch "twist and go" portfolio". And now the company has announced the next revolution of two-wheeled freedom. "The company expects to fund strategic opportunities while maintaining its current investment and return profile and capital allocation strategy". Harley retains an advantage in that it sells big, expensive cruisers, and these bikes tend to have good profit margins.

Harley has also been investing in developing electric motorcycles as well as promoting its learn-to-ride academies at showrooms.

At the same time, riders are getting older.

The new 250-500 cc motorcycle from Harley Davidson will compete with the Royal Enfield Classic 350/500, the upcoming Triumph 500 cc (speculated) motorcycle, the new Jawa bike, and the Kawasaki Estrella 250 in the Asian markets.

Rather, Harley - which recently said it would close a factory in Missouri to concentrate manufacturing in the U.S. - is up against three distinct challenges.

U.S. sales slid 6.4 per cent in the most recent quarter, and they're down 8.7 per cent at the halfway point of the year. "India's 250-500cc motorcycle segment is expected to grow at 25 per cent every year through 2021".