Venezuelan leader Maduro accuses Colombia of exploding drone assassination attempt

Sunday, 05 Aug, 2018

The footage then cuts the the crowd, where confusion sets in and the assembled soldiers can be seen breaking ranks and scattering.

Maduro said he believed Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos was also responsible.

Venezuela's Information Minister has since told the media that Nicolas Maduro is "fine" and working after the attack, however, several national guard troops were reportedly wounded.

According to various unconfirmed reports, Maduro was the subject of an assassination attempt by a drone loaded with C4 but was not harmed.

In a later development, journalist Andrew Connell claimed that Rodriguez, the minister, confirmed that Maduro would shortly commence another emergency address.

"Keep calm, our President Nicolas Maduro is well, as are all the political and military top revolutionary government", head of the Bicentenario Del Pueblo bank Miguel Perez Abad tweeted. The image was quickly changed to lines of military men in formation in the centre of Caracas, who seconds later all ran to one side.

"It was an attack to kill me, they tried to assassinate me today", Maduro said in a later state broadcast, speaking of a "flying object (that) exploded in front of me".

Charred windows were seen near the place where President Maduro was speaking.

Mr Rodriguz defiantly said "Whoever carried out this attack failed".

The transmission was cut without explanation. Maduro has steadily moved to concentrate power as the nation reels from a crippling economic crisis.

Mr Maduro this year brought forward presidential elections that - after they were boycotted by the opposition and key opposition figures were declared ineligible to run - handed him a new six-year term. Opponents accuse him of authoritarianism, saying he has destroyed a once-wealthy economy and ruthlessly crushed dissent.

"The people are with the president", Rodriguez said.