Urban Meyer says he reported 2015 incident of alleged abuse by assistant

Tuesday, 07 Aug, 2018

He did not lie to his bosses, or cover anything up. As the son of an wonderful woman and the husband to another and, as the father of two incredible young women, those who know me best know the admiration and respect I have for all women.

This may be a smart P.R. play-lying to the media doesn't hurt a man's approval rating like it once did.

This sounds like an effort to shift responsibility up the ladder, and realistically, it might save Meyer's job. And not incidentally: it may be absolutely true.

Meyer did finally fire Smith the very day journalist Brett McMurphy first reported on the October 2015 incident. That would be beyond brazen. Meyer knew. So why did the coach, in nine separate, direct questions at media days, deny as much?

"In 2015 I came forward with it", Courtney Smith said in the interview. He met Urban Meyer, and he saw a potential for coaching in Smith.

Meyer said he believes he will be vindicated once all of the information comes out. Domestic violence is one of many definitions of sexual misconduct in the policy.

The case for the 2015 incident with the Smith family remains open. There is no indication thus far that he was.

A few things here: How was he not adequately prepared to answer questions about the 2015 allegations involving Smith at last week's Big Ten Media Days when it was obvious that that would be the main discussion point? Maybe they can even claim he was disciplined. "Just stay away", Courtney Smith responded. Zach Smith has to appear in court on August 22, 2018, for a hearing related to the criminal trespassing charge against him.

But how are other college football coaches reacting to this news?

During his interview with ESPN, Zach Smith was read Meyer's statement. This is a personnel matter and we don't typically discuss such matters publicly.

Here are some details from Zach Smith's wiki. But what does that have to do with anything?

What is Meyer's defense for that?

If that was Ohio State's plan, it failed miserably. And the only reason he fired Zach Smith is because a really good reporter - McMurphy - made it public.

Courtney Smith has made serious allegations against her ex-husband.

Two class-action lawsuits were filed last month by former student wrestlers alleging Ohio State turned a blind eye to the doctor's alleged abuse. If not, why not?

Regarding Meyer's statement, Sports Illustrated legal analyst Michael McCann tweeted: "Urban Meyer's statement seems written with contract law in mind". And: "There was nothing..." I didn't. I don't know what's going on, but I'm going to go down and meet with the investigator and find out what the deal is.

Ohio State University found itself mired in another scandal when the school placed its revered head football coach Urban Meyer on paid leave this week after a longtime assistant coach was sacked amid spousal abuse allegations.

"Of great concern to the committee was the fact that (Tressel) became aware of these violations and decided not to report the violations to institutional officials, the Big Ten Conference or the NCAA", the NCAA Division 1 Committee on Infractions said in a report issued in December 2011.

According to Courtney Smith, her ex-husband violated the terms of their divorce by going to her home.

Meyer ended up as the Ohio State coach because of a previous football scandal.

Domestic violence against women has always been a controversial subject, but sometimes it gets swept under the rug.