Melania praises LeBron James after Trump insults National Basketball Association star

Wednesday, 08 Aug, 2018

"We could not be more proud to have LeBron James as part of our Lakers family", Buss said in a released statement on behalf of the team. "He's doing an incredible job for his community".

The President, who hates CNN because of its coverage of him, tweeted in response on Friday, "Lebron James was just interviewed by the dumbest man on television, Don Lemon".

As you can imagine, James received heavy backlash from both diehard Trump supporters and the President himself, who went out of his way to take a personal attack on James and interviewer Don Lemon.

Trump finished the tweet with "I like Mike!" an apparent reference to favouring National Basketball Association legend Michael Jordan in a comparison with James as perhaps the best National Basketball Association player ever.

During the interview with Lemon, James talked about how sports can bring people together and mentioned he felt that Trump was using sports "to kinda divide us".

Kiffin retweeted a story from Sporting News about Melania Trump praising LeBron James for opening his I Promise school.

On Saturday afternoon, Melania Trump also issued a surprising, positive statement about James, but did not reference her husband.

However, Jordan also expressed support for James.

"I believe the president is kind of trying to divide us", James said. "I like Mike!", his tweet read.

Mr Trump derided the intelligence of one of the nation's most prominent African-American men in a late-night tweet. In September 2017, James called Trump a bum after he rescinded an invitation for the Golden State Warriors to celebrate their championship with a visit to the White House.

Prior to Buss, Jordan also voiced his support of James.

The Cleveland Cavaliers star has repeatedly clashed with the President, and on Monday said he would refuse to ever sit face to face with him.

In choosing her official first lady platform, Trump picked something that involved teaching kindness on social media, something her husband clearly does not practice, even though she continues to face widespread criticism for that decision amid cries of hypocrisy.

Trump is holding a campaign-style rally in Lewis Center, Ohio on Saturday night.

Though Jordan hasn't played in years, fans have endlessly argued about which athlete is better on the pro-basketball court - James or Jordan.